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Altair | The Most Universal Roof Top Rod Carrier

Altair: The Most Universal Roof Top Rod Carrier

From fly fishing to conventional fishing, hit the water fully rigged and ready to go with the Altair

Altair is the most flexible roof fishing pole holder that fits every sort of pole and works with any kind of vehicle. The sleek, matte black tube shields fully-rigged fly rods, casters, and spinners, so you never miss out on a catch due to setting up.

Altair provides you more time on the water by allowing you to transport ANY fully-setup rod. It keeps your expensive pole fully protected, without the requirement for various situations based upon which pole you make use of. It’s the last pole case you’ll need for your numerous styles of fishing.

Altair The Most Universal Roof Top Rod Carrier

All you have to do is put it on the roofing shelf of your automobile, SUV, or truck, and adjust the Reel Box Tube and Reel Box to fit your pole. The lockable tube holds fully-rigged fishing rods so you’re ready to leap out and fish any place you go.

Altair provides the best defense to one rod, however, you’re not limited to carrying just one. You can affix several Altair units to the very same roofing shelf to form your excellent gear.

Altair The Most Universal Roof Top Rod Carrier

Enjoy maximum fishing and minimal setup time.

If you intend to get a roof rod housing in today’s market, you need to make a choice: fly fishing OR spin fishing. No matter if you do both, they can only fit one type of rod. Fishermen spend a significant amount of money for a premium rod case and afterward still wind up putting rods in the back of their car because it depends where they will fish that day to choose the right style.

That’s the main reason they decided to design Altair. Not only does Altair hold fly, conventional or centrepin attire totally rigged, yet it’s extra durable, inexpensive, and also aesthetically pleasing than the existing alternatives.

Altair The Most Universal Roof Top Rod Carrier

Altair is a solitary rod carrier for all your angling requirements. With the turn of a screw, it accommodates 90% of all fishing poles, consisting of fly, spey, lure casting, and spinning rods. Altair’s incredible versatility is feasible due to the fact that the Reel Box gets used to fit practically any kind of reel on the marketplace, which is simply not the case today!

Altair suits fully-rigged arm to 12 feet long right out of the package! A lot of other rod cases max out at holding poles 10 feet long. Altair’s Reel Box Tube adapts to permit a pole to be 17 inches in length from the front of the reel to the butt of the rod.

Altair doesn’t fit big game conventional fishermens’ rods or deep-sea bait casters, just regular-sized bait wheels.

Altair The Most Universal Roof Top Rod Carrier

Altair installs to any type of vehicle or truck roof covering shelf and looks great.

Various other angling cases and racks look large or unattractive. Altair’s minimal, matte black exterior and streamlined design are cosmetically pleasing on every automobile and include a hot look of stealth and durability.

Each rod service provider comes with a set of placing brackets that will certainly fit almost all typical roofing system rack bars. Hardware instructions will also be consisted of, making installation a breeze.

Altair is constructed to last. It’s built of solid plastic and aluminum with a durable powder coat surface.

Altair The Most Universal Roof Top Rod Carrier

The Reel Box Tube, Middle Tube, and End Tube are all built of light-weight, solid aluminum. They picked aluminum because it’s incredibly resilient, yet light-weight, which is a great feature for your rooftop.

The Reel Box itself is made of glass-impregnated nylon for strength, as well as it effortlessly slides on lightweight aluminum. Also, the installing brackets are completely metal so they won’t break down over time!

Altair’s attractive end cap is secured by a keyed lock so your valuables are never prone on the road.

Arriving at the location with a fully-setup rod means you’ll be rippin’ lips much faster, otherwise you’ll only be catching a pair.

No requirement to exchange pole carriers on your roofing system rack or transport a pole in the car due to the fact that it’s not the exact same “design” as the kind your current pole case transports.

Altair The Most Universal Roof Top Rod Carrier

Altair lets you spend more time on the water when you wish to visit different places on the same day. Simply stack 2 or more Altairs and you have different style rods set up and ready to go.

Having multiple Altairs indicates you can safely transport your friend’s pole with zero inconveniences as well.

Packing up for fishing takes enough effort and space already. Fitting children and just reaching the destination comes to be a task. Securely storing your poles on the roof offers everyone extra space in the car and decreases the possibility of damaging the pole as well.

Altair The Most Universal Roof Top Rod Carrier

Going for a trip implies your vehicle will certainly be packed with gear. Keep your poles safe and conveniently available on your roof to save space and hook up faster.

Absolutely nothing takes it out of you like a long day on the water. Altair lets you skip de-rigging and hop on to a warm dish and rest.

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