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ATMOBLUE | Clean Air For All

ATMOBLUE: Clean Air For All

A wearable smart-purifier that delivers 99.97% purified air to let you breath clean air freely

Not Your Average Air-Mask

ATMOBLUE is the world’s first wearable, smart air purifier. Our patented air filtration system uses industrial grade, replaceable filters, blocking 99.97% of air particulates. 

ATMOBLUE’s unparalleled breathing experience utilizes many of the cutting-edge technologies found in high-end purifiers today, but offers the added benefit of mobility, style and comfort. With excess air being produced on-demand, ATMOBLUE users always have access to fresh, filtered air.

Significant upgrades have been made to ATMOBLUE including new and improved batteries, in-built mask controls, upgraded long-lasting HEPA filters (150 hours of use time), as well as a newly designed and patented head strap. In addition to these upgrades, ATMOBLUE has been updated to fit within FCC and UL standards and is currently undergoing certification reviews for US and global sales. ATMOBLUE is currently RoHS, SRCC and QCQ, certified. By funding this campaign, you will be first in line for ATMOBLUE.

Replaceable H13 HEPA Filters 

  • Blocks 99.97% of air particulates 
  • Average use time is 150 hours
  • High Quality, Multi-Fold design

Traditional filters are flat and are quickly consumed. Our unique filters are made of up meticulous folds, compressing the flat surface area of two 9.5 squared inch sheets, into two compact filter blocks which slide right into your mask

ATMOBLUE: Clean Air For All

N95 < N99 < H13 HEPA Filters

You may have heard the term N95. This simply means 95% of air particles are being captured. At the higher end of the spectrum, N99 (99%) masks are offered for more industrial applications such as painting or waste cleanup. Moving one step further ATMOBLUE’s, H13 HEPA filters block 99.97% of particles which are 0.3 microns in diameter or larger. To give you a bit of context, one strand of human hair is about 75 microns across!

Innovative Air Flow Technology

  • Dual, high-speed, centrifugal fans continuously supply filtered air to create a refreshing breathing environment.
  • Three airflow control settings. Users adjust speeds as needed
  • Positive Air Pressure allows users to breath effortlessly with zero resistance.

The term positive airflow means excess air or “positive air” being pushed into the mask and out through its vents. Because of this solution positive air pushes out exhaled air increasing the overall effectiveness of the mask by removing unwanted bacteria from the breathing zone.

Designed for the most extreme conditions ATMOBLUE’s multiple airflow settings allow users to switch between light mode, when sitting idle on the train or a car, to high strength when jogging through the city or on the job.

Depending on your use, such as fan speed, your rechargeable ATMOBLUE system runs continuously from 3 – 5 hours. When battery life is running low a red indication light notifies users when to recharge. Simply plug into any USB port until your indicator light turns white again. 

ATMOBLUE: Clean Air For All

Lightweight silicone seal

Dermatologically friendly silicone creates a soft but airtight seal keeping good air in and bad air out. ATOMBLUE wont leave marks on your face after each use and can be worn with glasses without fogging up vision.

ATMOBLUE’s fresh air system combined with our unique silicon solution give users a truly enjoyable breathing experience. That means, no nasty scent or moist fabric touching your face.

ATMOBLUE: Clean Air For All
  • Designed to fits various face sizes.

Our unique silicon seal was designed with users in mind. We compiled data of over 1000 individuals faces and created a unique solution which adapts to various sized faces. ATMOBLUE’s soft, lightweight silicone seal contours around users faces leaving enough room for movement and flexibility. 

Patented head strap

Our patented head strap system allows users to move about comfortably in any direction. If you’ve ever worn a mask you know how frustrating head straps can be as they cause unnecessary pressure behind your ears or simply fall off your head when moving around.

With our unique strap-channel design, the continuous head-strap flows through the mask, around your neck and head, creating a full range of continuous motion.

Designed with athletes in mind we used high-quality,  flexible, materials allowing for a stretch when using your mobile device or looking around your periphery. ATMOBLUE’s strap system in combination with our soft silicone seal allows for a tight, secure fit with superior comfort and style. 

Compact design & Interchangeable skins

Showcase your unique style with ATMOBLUE’s modular skin system. Available in four color configurations: Smoke, Pearl, Cement Grey, and Light Pink

Replaceable covers allow your mask to transform and adapt to your style and environment. Simply remove the magnetic HEPA caps and pop off the front of the mask. Once you’ve chosen one your ideal color skin, simply attach and go.

Designed to be worn around your neck when not in use or in your carrying bag, ATMOBLUE’s compact design features a lightweight design of only 190 grams.

ATMOBLUE: Clean Air For All

APP control (Unlocked With Stretch Goal)

As an added bonus, all ATMOBLUE units come standard with built-in software & APP control. The device management APP provides real air-time quality indicators, tracks personal metrics and most importantly offers dynamic air flow controls.

Their patented i02 air control algorithm allows users airflow to automatically adjust according to their activity. If the user suddenly picks up speed, say while working or exercising, the APP automatically increases fan speed, reducing breathing resistance and offering more fresh air on demand. Over time they plan to release new updates to the mask for extended capabilities.

ATMOBLUE: Clean Air For All

In 2016, while living abroad, the creators of ATMOBLUE experienced hazardous air levels for the first time. While various masks on the market offered protection from larger particles such as sand and pollen, very few masks effectively filtered smaller particles such as bacteria and PM2.5. This was how the idea to create a wearable, air purification system came to mind.

After months of research and development, the team created ATMOBLUE, launching an initial prototype in Asia. The feedback was incredible. ATMOBLUE received rave reviews, publications and awards. Today, building on top of their initial success and prototype, the team behind ATMOBLUE is ready to introduce a new and improved version to the world!

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