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Audio Earrings | Earphones made Earrings

Audio Earrings - Earphones made Earrings

NOVA H1 Audio Earrings, the only clip-on earphones on the planet

NOVA H1 Audio Earrings are the first clip-on earphones in the world. These Earrings are fully loaded with the most recent technology ingrained in genuine pearls to supply you with music, phone calls, and digital assistants all day long.

Like traditional earrings, the NOVA H1 are positioned on the earlobes and project the audio from inside the pearl straight right into your ear canal.

Thanks to their globally patented Directional Sound Technology, the sound travels from the earlobe to the ear canal staying clear of the audio leaks and maintaining your conversations and music private and safe.

2 small premium quality microphones are incorporated into each Earring providing the individual with crystal clear sound and a wind-noise cancellation.

Audio Earrings - Earphones made Earrings

Females wear their jewelry all day long, but they only served for decorative purposes. Why not include state-of-the-art sound in there?

Other audio product brands tend to react to what women need and like by simply altering their item color to pink. However, since they really wished to think about ladies’ demands, needs, and preferences, they created this gorgeous set of earphones.

Besides being stunning, the NOVA Audio Earrings additionally open up a new classification of audio devices. On the one hand, they can be used all day without being intrusive, on the other side, they supply the most possible natural audio experience – augmented hearing. The technology is so masked that while using them no one around you will see them as a headset, making people approach you and talk to you as they usually would.

Audio Earrings - Earphones made Earrings

The NOVA H1 Audio Earrings include a genuine pearl placed on a silver or a gold-plated silver clip. The Audio Earrings are nickel-free and come in 2 versions – clip-on or with a stud for those with punctured ears.

Stream music from any kind of audio resources like Spotify, Google Play Music, or Apple Music, or your music collection on your smart device, computer, or tablet.

Given that the core idea behind the NOVA H1 was to be knowledgeable about your surroundings and yet be linked to your family/loved ones, they created a unique out-of-ear innovation. Thus, the music experience differs from the in-ear or over-the-ear earphones.

Make and receive phone calls at home, in the office, or while traveling. Anywhere, at any time.

Since you can use Audio Earrings all day long as you would do with conventional ones, you will never have to stress over finding your headset or earphones when somebody calls – answer the call directly by pushing the button on the back of the Earrings.

Audio Earrings - Earphones made Earrings

Additionally, thanks to its 4 microphones and 2 speakers, the phone conversations are crisp and clear.

Activate your mobile phone’s aide with the Audio Earrings and make use of the voice commands to manage your device.

With NOVA’s copyrighted Directional Sound Technology, keep your private conversations private. Their patented innovation takes care that the sound travels from the earlobe to the ear canal and avoid the noise from leaking to your surroundings.

Experience true cordless sound – music or calls – with Bluetooth 5. Even when you are not using them, the Audio Earrings are maintaining a reduced energy link to the smartphone – the Audio Earrings will remain paired however, they won’t spend your battery.

The Audio Earrings support aptX™ sound technology for a high-grade music experience.

Audio Earrings - Earphones made Earrings

Appreciate them all day with 3+ hrs of playtime – your Audio Earrings will immediately conserve battery with the ultra-sleep mode when you are not actively making use of but wearing them.

Charge your Audio Earrings on the move with the portable charging case that will permit a total of 20+ hours of song streaming.

The rechargeable battery inside every Earring is exchangeable. All you require to do is send out the Earrings to a NOVA licensed companion that will ensure this service for you, a procedure similar to a battery replacement for a digital watch. This increases the lifetime of the Audio Earrings and is environmentally friendly as well.

Control your Audio Earrings with the switch located at the back part of each Earring. Respond to a phone call, play or skip songs, activate the digital assistant…

Audio Earrings - Earphones made Earrings

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