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Auron | Self-Cleaning Water Purifying UV-C Smart Bottle

Purify your water effortlessly with Auron with the power of UV-C and eliminate 99.9% of bacteria to get you fresh clean water all day.

Aren’t you tired of spending money on bottled water? The earth most certainly is. With 1 million plastic bottles bought every single minute, Mother Nature is paying the price. Currently, there’s a much better way to appreciate pure, tasty water without harming the atmosphere or your budget.

Making use of the power of natural UV-C light purification, Auron cleanses without filters or chemicals, turning water from any resource into pure benefits. Cleanse the public fountain water at the gym, tap water in foreign countries, or even river water when outdoor camping. Simply fill it up, touch the cover, and appreciate the cleanest, crispest, thirst-quenching-est water that nature has to provide.

Auron - Self-Cleaning Water Purifying UV-C Smart Bottle

Auron is far more than a bottle. Fill it up with coffee, tea, your favored beer, or whatever else you drink. Auron’s double-shielded walls will certainly keep your drink hot or cool for over 24 hours.

When you’ve struck the dregs, Auron will clean itself to keep away those funky smells and bacteria, making sure it’s prepped and ready for a refill.

Plastic is BAD for you and basically anything else on the planet. In the U.S. alone, 38 BILLION water bottles wind up in garbage dumps each year. Plastic bottles are made from oil, take 1000 years to decay, and are loaded with chemicals that can leech right into your water and also cause illness.

Germs’ fight plan is two-pronged. It grows in your bottle, forming a disgusting film of nests that infects every little thing it touches. It enters from outside in the form of contamination from faucet water, drinking fountains, as well as taps. That implies that cleansing your bottle with a sandblaster and bleach will not keep the bacteria away.

Auron’s UV-C light purification system bathes fully of the inside of the bottle in UV light, eliminating all microbial life. It doesn’t matter what state the water is in when you fill it up Auron. After 60 secs, you’ll be left with the cleanest, best water you’ve ever tasted before.

Auron - Self-Cleaning Water Purifying UV-C Smart Bottle

It’s an easy and chemical-free strategy for cleanliness. That likewise means you’ll never have to replace filters or load cartridges. Just pure, all-natural light for pure, tasty water.

Well, it’s really not that huge of a secret. Medical facilities have been utilizing it to purify the air and water for many years! With the touch of a switch, Auron cleans its interior and contents with UV-C ultraviolet light at 280nm.

Auron does all the hard work for you automatically. Every 4 hrs, Auron’s 60-second cleaning cycle will activate, making sure that your water and your container remain sterile.

Microorganisms like bacteria can get in when you drink or leave the bottle open, making your water taste funky in time. Auron’s auto-cleaning cycle keeps your water cool and fresh for days … months … years – nonetheless as long you leave it in the bottle. Never ever worry about what’s creeping right into your water once again!

Auron’s double-walled insulation seals your drink off from outdoor impacts, regardless of the weather condition. Its vacuum-sealed lid keeps air out and stops conduction, efficiently terminating warmth transfer (so your drink can not change temperature level).

Auron has a built-in temperature display screen so you can read the precise temperature level of your drink! Simply turn the bottle upside down and allow your beverage to touch the cap to measure its existing temperature level.

Auron - Self-Cleaning Water Purifying UV-C Smart Bottle

Auron is your personal assistant that ensures you stay hydrated throughout the day. Simply turn on your smart LED water reminder and let your bottle do the job.

Regular hydration is essential because it keeps you fresh as well as effective to deal with the remainder of your day. With Auron, it’s very simple. Just hold the screen for 3 secs to activate the reminder. Your bottle’s display will illuminate for 60 secs when it’s time for you to take a sip.

Auron might be one of the most sophisticated bottles ever made. But you don’t have to be brilliant to utilize it.

Just give the lid a touch to start the filtration process. It will brighten when turned on, so you’ll know when it’s working!

It’s ideal for maintaining drinks cool or warm on long run trips. Fill up anywhere while backpacking in any part of the world without clean drinking water. And also, never fret about running out of clean water when you’re trekking or outdoor camping.

Auron’s ergonomic and lightweight style (Under 500 grams!) makes it simple to carry. Put it in your bag and take it anywhere. Auron is made for the road!

Other water cleansers require you to purchase costly filters as well as chemical packets just to obtain “clean” water.

With Auron, you will not have to change any kind of parts or batteries. Auron comes preloaded with adequate UV-C power for 300,000 cleanses. With a single purchase, you’ll be able to take pleasure in pure, revitalizing water forever.

With a 5000-hour UV-C light lifespan and a reliable rechargeable battery, Auron was constructed to last. Auron can go as long as 2 months on a solitary charge, despite having everyday filtrations.

Whether you’re running a marathon or just working your a** off in the office, Auron will be there the whole time.

Forget the bottle disfigurations and dings that make you look like a hobo. Auron is smooth, good looking, and very strong. Made with high-grade 304 stainless-steel, Auron is prepared for whatever life brings you.

Resistant to rust, Auron will certainly stay brand-new and free of corrosion and flaking in any climate and moisture conditions as well. Feel free to leave it in your bag for a year. Auron will certainly be ready and waiting in perfect condition.

Auron - Self-Cleaning Water Purifying UV-C Smart Bottle

Auron’s double-walled insulation and warmth transfer prevention make condensation almost impossible, so you will not need to fret about it sweating and getting anything in your bag wet.

Its air-tight seal quits spills and leaks to microscopic beads. When Auron is sealed, absolutely nothing gets out.

A single person using Auron for only one year can avoid hundreds of plastic containers from ending up in the landfills. It additionally assists to protect fragile ecosystems that are being drilled for oil (to make plastic bottles) or siphoned for clean water (to load those bottles).

Just one person changing to Auron can make a difference. Visualize if thousands did. Millions? If simply 1.3% of America switched over to Auron, it would avoid 1 BILLION containers from ending up in the garbage dump every year!

Auron supports sustainable life in its production techniques as well. Auron is made out of recycled materials with sustainability in mind.

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