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Award-Winning Tactical Knives by Sniper Bladeworks

Unsurpassed quality, at unbeatable prices, by acclaimed designer Lance Abernathy

Handmade Design meets Precision Engineering

Machine-crafted for precision and durability, all Sniper knives are forged out of our obsession with creating meticulously overbuilt knives. Crafted for everyday carry by operators, and loved by outdoors enthusiasts the world over, you won’t find higher quality or more durable knives at a better price.

From collectors to industry insiders, Sniper’s five-piece 2020 : Reload Collection is drawing the interest of knife enthusiasts and first-time buyers.

The 2020 : Reload Signature series is designed to exceed your everyday needs as well as excel in tactical and frontline use.

All five of the knives in this exclusive collection combine hand-made craftsmanship with precision manufacturing. The result: a super high-end production knife with premium materials and Sniper’s classic overbuilt design.

Every Sniper knife has been meticulously designed by award-winning knifemaker Lance Abernathy. Prior to shipping, each knife will be hand-inspected by our U.S. quality control team to ensure that it meets Lance’s stringent requirements. World-Class Design. Expert Craftmanship. Precision Manufacturing.

Ready to learn more about your new knife?

When it comes to general outdoor activities, the Dashi is always a safe bet. Whether you’re camping, hiking, hunting, or fishing; it’s important to carry a knife that can stand up to repeated use with a smarter design that saves space in your kit.

The word Dashi comes from Kiridashi: a Japanese carpenter or utility knife that is only ground on one side, sometimes called chisel ground. Sniper’s representation of this traditional knife can be used as a neck knife, small utility knife, as a companion knife to the Smatchet or MAMU, a backup tool or for any other daily cutting tasks.

This lightweight fixed blade is about as minimalist as it gets and solves the age-old problem faced by outdoor lovers: “ounces equal pounds, and pounds equal pain.”

Award-Winning Design.

In 2013, Sniper Bladeworks received the “Blade Show Tactical Folder Award” for its LPC. Lance’s DMF was later featured on the cover of Blade Magazine, one of many pieces that have been written on Lance and his knives in U.S. and international knife publications.

The LPC™ weighs approximately 7.5 oz. Offering everything you need: ergonomic design, aerospace materials, and robust overbuilt engineering. 

Made of S30V, this LPC has been upgraded to run on bearings and features a steel combination over-travel locking device. The result is the tightest tolerances on our LPC platform that we have ever offered. 

The MAMU™ is our interpretation of the classic field knife. It made its debut on Discovery Channel’s “Man, Woman, Wild” and we’re pleased to offer it to you with upgraded features at this great price.

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An amazing camp tool, the MAMU features black PVD coating for non-glare, rust resistance, and protection from the elements.

It is designed with our signature ergonomic handle for comfort and control. The MAMU comes with a textured injection molded sheath that features a uniform rivet pattern compatible with all of our Sniper Bladeworks™ sheaths. This allows for a variety of carry combinations, so you’re equipped for any scenario. 

Sometimes you just need a big knife. That’s why we like Smachets and why we’re excited to bring our version to you.

Originally designed by William E. Fairbairn during WWII, the Smachet is a historical juggernaut. We built upon Fairbairn’s design by re-envisioning a blade that is slightly smaller, easier to wield, and more comfortable to use for extended periods outdoors.

Sniper’s updated design ensures that those who are serious about bushcraft and survival have a serious knife to match.

The Crown Jewel. 

The DMF is a robust upscale tactical folder that donned the cover of Blade Magazine and has appeared in many additional knife publications.

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This 2020 : Reload version of the DMF sports a unique stainless Damascus blade. Additional high-end features include: center pivot bearings, a combination overtravel locking device, a bronze center pivot collar, and matching dual bronze handle adornments.

Sniper Bladeworks is bringing the swagger with this tactical knife offering.

Unique Features

The 2020 : Reload Signature series is exclusively available on Kickstarter. You will own a knife that is unique, signed, and individually-numbered. Each model is limited to 555 pieces.

+ Included Extras

The folders (LPC & DMF) have G-10 front scales and are titanium frame locks.

The fixed blades with handles (MAMU & Smachet) have G-10 scales. All three fixed blades are black anti-glare PVD coated 1095 steel.

Note: All three fixed blades (Dashi, MAMU & Smachet) include high-end, textured injection-molded sheaths that can be mated.

Directly To You = Better Prices

High-end craftsmanship doesn’t have to be high priced.

At Sniper Bladeworks, we decided to run our 2020 : Relaunch differently to prove the point.

By bringing our top of the line production knives directly to you, we’ve been able to lower cost without compromising on quality or materials.

That’s how we’re able to bring world-class knives at an affordable price.

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