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Baseus Tag | Trackable HiFi TWS Earbuds w/ Dual BT Mode

Lost-proof | Fast & accurate tracking | Immersive sound w/ boosted bass | Stylish | 90% noise reduction|25+hrs playtime| Touch controls

Millions of people in the world have been plagued by the problem of misplacing or losing their earphones every year.But existing earphones with tracking ability usually cost up to hundreds of dollars a pair and most of which only work with iOS.

Introducing Baseus Tag, the world’s 1st BT5.0 + BLE anti-lost TWS earphone. It features a cutting-edge chipset to not only achieve supreme wireless audio with clear treble, deep bass and a balanced midrange, but also to allow you to keep track of it through a single click on the App whenever your earbuds are forgotten at home, in the park or company.

No longer limited to iOS, it universally works with any smartphone, thus you can keep track of your cherished earbuds and enjoy music as you like anytime, anywhere.

The moment they become disconnected, the App will pinpoint that location and navigate you to it to recover the misplaced or missing earbuds. 

The Bluetooth chipset of Baseus Tag is equipped with an advanced GPS module, which allows your cellphone to register the real-time location of either Baseus earbud individually and show it to you on the map in its App.

Upon reaching the destination, click “play sound” to make the earbud buzz. The sound will grow louder until you retrieve the earbuds and click stop on the App, or you can put them back in the case that will stop automatically.

Each earphone has a built-in high-precision, high-sensitivity 14.2mm ultra large dynamic driver which is tilted by 65° to form a perfect angle with the ear canal for the best sound transmission effect in a tight enclosure.

With a driver diameter larger than that of the Apple AirPods, Baseus Tag is able to create a stereo sound so open and spatial, with a resolution so outstanding that it balances the high, mid and low frequencies to a point where you could feel the bass bouncing powerfully inside your ears and the treble accurate and vivid enough to immerse you completely.

Baseus’s audio engineers pursue the perfect sound quality by restoring every detail in music and bringing you a feast for the ears.

The Bestechnic BES2300IU1 SoCs used in Baseus Tag earbuds are the world’s first dual-mode Bluetooth 5.0 + BLE chipset which supports a real stereo connection, meaning that either earbud is paired with the audio streaming device individually and independently so the transition between mono and stereo mode is devoid of any interference or interruption, so you won’t hear even the slightest lag.

It also boasts the lowest power consumption of its category, a credit to its uniquely default idle state which can turn on and off swiftly and frequently as much as needed in order to save energy, a merit indispensable to achieve the real time location logging and tracking.

The inherent ENC technology of the chipset is further enhanced by the Baseus Tag’s proprietary noise reduction algorithm, together they reach a whopping 90% ambient noise reduction during phone calls, offering you the best calling experience. Even in a raucous party or bar, it ensures high-definition speech recognition and crystal-clear call quality.

Every detail of Baseus Tag contains the ingenuity and creativity of our talented designers, who use a see-through design to show a subtle sense of technology and enable you to intuitively appreciate the structure of the interior components of the earbud.

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