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Chop and Swipe

Swipe left on messy chopping

Chop and Swipe
Chop and Swipe

…a simple, low cost cutting board that keeps your kitchen workspace tidy.

Chop and Swipe
Chop and Swipe

Chop and Swipe Team were unhappy with the products out there so they decided to design their own, making simplicity our starting point! The result is this compact yet generous chopping board which utilizes two detachable trays to always keep your chopping board clear.

They hope you like this innovative design enough to back our campaign!

Chop+Swipe is an original idea that does not resemble anything currently on the market.  It is a pending patent in the US. If you are interested in the Chop+Swipe and its creation process, please take a look at the designer’s notes below.

Chop and Swipe

The board is made from 4mm thick polypropylene (PP) plastic and is further strengthened by a hexagonal honeycomb structure underneath to give compression and torsional strength. 

The trays are made from food grade ABS which is the strong plastic that telephones are made of.  They expect Chop+Swipe to have a long life-span for happy users. 

Chop and Swipe
Chop and Swipe

The feet are made of silicone rubber.

For every cooking lover, this is a very practical solution for chopping and lowering the mess you make while preparing your food. It’s not a regular chopping board you see every day!

The Chop+Swipe team is led by Graham Tulett. They are industrial designers based in London and Barcelona with over 25 years of experience helping clients transform ideas into award-winning designs.

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