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Claw 2.0 | A Tiny Titanium Multitool for Travellers

Claw 2.0 - A Tiny Titanium Multitool for Travellers

Box Cutter, Bottle Opener, Hex Driver, and Pry Bar – TSA Safe with Lifetime Warranty!

Claw 2.0 // The World’s 2nd Smallest Multitool

The follow up to the world’s tiniest multitool, the Claw 2.0, has now launched on Kickstarter.

The small two-inch implement takes control of where the initial Claw ended, after having sold over 100,000 units in the past 3 years.

The group at Malboro & Kane fine-tuned and refined the suggestion over the years using the feedback from backers and consumers of the Original Claw, including features long-sought in the world of little devices.

Claw 2.0 - A Tiny Titanium Multitool for Travellers

Developed to help you slash boxes, pop bottles, turn hexes and more, in under 2 inches of Grade 5 Titanium.

The blade end uses 30°, 60°- & 90°-degree angles for the perfect balance & symmetry.

Bottle opener made to fit perfectly around the tolerances found on most bottles worldwide.

Dual holes help you turn hexes with ease & keep your most used hex vacant.

Finer Details

  • Ergonomic Finger Ridge

A one-way ridge designed to be the correct incline for the maximum force.  

  • Rounded Blade Tip

The curved tip ensures there are no sharp edges in your pocket.   

  • Choose Your Hex

Feed your keying through either of the hexes and keep your favorite clear.

  • Materials

Choose from a brushed Titanium or a polished gold Steel.

Claw 2.0 - A Tiny Titanium Multitool for Travellers

With a history in style and design, the team created the Claw 2.0 with a robust body of Grade 5 Titanium – the strongest and most resilient alloy developed.

It has the capacity to pierce and cut with a sharp blade as well as and the rounded pressure-ridge, while the rounded pointer ensures your pocket belongings remain intact.

Additionally down the Claw, the bottle opener has actually been provided an upgrade to couple it up with the ergonomics of the majority of glass containers worldwide while the hex holes, a brand-new addition, allow you to maintain your most often used hex at the ready.

All of this is offered at a slightly larger size, making it the globe’s second-smallest multitool.

Claw 2.0 - A Tiny Titanium Multitool for Travellers
  • Reusability and recyclability
  • They used recycled card product packaging which can be completely recycled once more.
  • This ensures they’re doing their part for the environment and also contributing to a cleaner future.
  • They made Claw 2.0 lasts for life, that’s why they backed it with their lifetime warranty.
  • It changes a plethora of devices you would certainly require yet could never carry with you.

Lasting design

The Claw 2.0 is made from Grade 5 Titanium, the toughest and most resilient alloy of Titanium, indicating it’ll last a lifetime of use.

Their team believe in the strength of their products a lot that they provide a LIFETIME WARRANTY with all Claw 2.0’s backed through Kickstarter

Lasting Distribution

Every Claw will be delivered directly to our backers, making sure a marginal footprint via lasting logistics. They also utilize recycled product packaging which reduces carbon impact additionally.

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