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CleanseBud ✅ Your Portable Homemade Cleaner

Portable, reusable pod that quickly makes an organic, all-natural sanitizer and cleaner with just ordinary salt and water!

We are living in unprecedented times. The world health crisis we are going through teaches us a painful lesson on the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. Whether it is the shortage of traditional cleaners caused by panic buying and low supply or traveling in or to a place where cleaners are hard to get, an easy, homemade alternative puts anyone in a much safer position.

CleanseBud - Your Portable Homemade Cleaner

CleanseBud is a revolutionary portable cleaning and sanitizing product from the same team that designed and launched the Cleansebot, a groundbreaking germ-attacking sanitizing robot. With just two common household ingredients – water and salt – an effective cleaning agent can be easily created through the process of electrolysis. Because of its easy recipe and portability, you’re able to take care of cleanliness anywhere you go.

CleanseBud - Your Portable Homemade Cleaner

Sodium hypochlorite cleans the surface of an object and keeps it free of germs for a period of time. To demonstrate this, they used cut avocados for testing. On the left is an avocado that has not been sprayed with sodium hypochlorite. It oxidizes naturally over time and rot appears on the surface. The avocado on the right is sprayed with the sodium hypochlorite formed by CleanseBud. During the following 12 hours of the test, they sprayed it every 10 minutes, and you can see that it can effectively inhibit the growth of germs and preserve the avocado.

*Disclaimer: when high concentrations of disinfectant are sprayed, some white crystals may appear after drying.

*This part is to showcase the effectiveness of Cleansebud against germs and bacteria, not suggesting using Cleansebud on any food.

First just add salt and water to the water tank. Remember to keep it below the marked line so nothing spills over.

Then allow the electrolysis process to run for just 3 minutes, small bubbles will appear in the water, and wait for the cleaning solution to be produced.

CleanseBud - Your Portable Homemade Cleaner

Spray the solution over the tops and insides of your hands and go about your day. Easy and simple.

Simply wipe your frequently used items with a towel or napkin after spraying the solution to it.

CleanseBud helps you in all household and surface cleaning. Use it on the floor, in the kitchen, on any surface, your dirty shoes, in the bathroom…and more. Spray CleanseBud on anywhere germs and bacteria exist!

CleanseBud - Your Portable Homemade Cleaner

Because CleanseBud is reusable and only takes salt and water for its chemical reaction, you save money from buying additional cleaners and sanitizers.

The world is having too many bottles thrown away as rublish, and we probably know the fact that it is almost impossible for plastic to recycle, recycling plastic bottles is just too expensive and takes too much energy, so most of them are just dumped in landfills.

They came up with the idea of a reusable pod to replace plastic bottles, not only to help us to save money on buying bottle sanitizers again and again, but also to contribute in saving our environment.  

CleanseBud - Your Portable Homemade Cleaner

CleanseBud is half the size of an adult’s palm, and with a net weight of 67g, it can easily fit in your pocket or your purse for daily use. Use it when you have to touch something in the public.

It works by you adding the correct amount of water and amount of salt according to package directions to fit your requirements. For example, if you need the solution for sanitizing your hands or disinfecting fresh food, we recommend 1g to 3g of salt. For household cleaning and surface disinfection, our suggestion is to add no more than 2g salt.

Then press the button and allow the electrolysis process to run uninterrupted for three minutes. Wait until the light turns green on the container to show you that electrolysis is complete. It is immediately ready for use!

Sodium hypochlorite (NaCIO) is the chemical compound used in water purification and in bleach, though household cleaning bleach has several other compounds as well. Diluted solutions of sodium hypochlorite (50 ppm to 1.5%) are found globally in cleaning sprays and wipes. It also has stain-removing properties.

CleanseBud - Your Portable Homemade Cleaner

Sodium hypochlorite in a solution has broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties and is widely used already in healthcare facilities as a cleaner diluted in water.

Uses of sodium hypochlorite depend on the percentage in the solution. For example, most household beaches for laundry are a 3-8% solution of sodium hypochlorite at the time of manufacturing. The strength of it depends on the brand and does gradually decrease if stored over a long time. A 12% solution is often used in water processing for the chlorination of water, and a 15% solution is commonly used to clean wastewater in treatment plants.

After the turning water and salt into disinfectant, it will last for 24 hours. After 24 hours the effective chlorine concentration will gradually decrease. But you can simply restart the electrolysis process again, to reacquire your disinfectant.

At full charge, CleanseBud’s battery can last up to 25 – 30 rounds of electrolysis process at 3 minutes each

CleanseBud - Your Portable Homemade Cleaner

The CleanseBud component can also fit a larger container which holds 100ml liquid, so don’t worry if you’re in need of more cleaner. The 100 ml container is available as an add-on to this campaign.

The standard 30ml CleanseBud can meet your daily cleaning needs, and the large capacity of 100ml can help you do household cleaning. In addition, our measuring spoon is designed according to the standard 1g capacity, which can better help you control the concentration ratio. 

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