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COZE MAT | The Next-gen Desktop Mat

COZE MAT The Next-gen Desktop Mat

Modular design, omni-device stand, wireless charging, and flexible layout. It’s designed for a better work-from-home life.

Introducing COZE MAT, the one that offers next-generation desk mat experience.

It provides every little thing you require from a traditional 2D mat while turning on for all your everyday devices where they belong, making your desktop a 3D work/life setting.

With the modular layout, each area can be adjusted to be appropriate for multiple purposes according to individual choice.

The palm-rest area offers a natural place to rest both your hands with additional support to your wrists when you scroll around. In case you need a larger scrolling area, the top extendable area would likewise work as a larger mousepad.

To make sure you won’t really feel any type of gap difference in between the top and bottom transition, they attempted different sizes/thicknesses of the extensive mousepad up until they hit the spot.

COZE MAT The Next-gen Desktop Mat


Apart from being a bigger mousepad, the convertible zone additionally includes three more features: the POWER STAND, package, and the CLIP. The POWER STAND module supplies wireless charging+wearable charging dock+backstand, the BOX works as a device container, and the CLIP keeps your memos with magnetic dots.

Often you work on your desk with some things at hand. They seem to interact with you awkwardly: laptops won’t follow the elevation of your sight, books won’t assist you to read with a softer neck, and drawing calls for even more focus to your muscle motions for smooth touch on an absolutely flat surface area.

COZE MAT gives an excellent lift for all of your daily tasks.

The convertible design hides in a single-flap body, minimizing its existence when you just want a blank space to relax your arms on.

Once it’s opened, you obtained constant triangle support for the bottom of the laptop throughout the screen size of 12″ -17″, 2 trenches for smaller sized 10″ -13″ tablet setups or print works at basic dimensions, and lastly, an anti-slip base for whatever to hold on firmly when you are actually using them.

Rebuilding your desktop with architecture also indicates thinking from the ergonomic point of view, every gadget should be natural to place, look at, and use on the stand at most heights of a work desk. They chose a rather wide-angle option aiming for the most effective adaptivity. We sit in an activity, that is why the angle must be a motion too, not simply a static number.

To help expand the supported product as long as possible, they picked the one size that works under all possible situations for you, while keeping the mat dimension as small as feasible.

For laptops with bigger sizes and better specs, ventilation at the bottom is nearly inescapable to help cooling down. The device stand on MAT sustains them on an extremely stable tri-angle framework with a marginal add-on to the tool, the fiber-glass material within takes up kilos of weight for the stand, and the anti-slip lower locks down the device body.

COZE MAT The Next-gen Desktop Mat

The essential size restriction for the floor covering is typically at its width – you might not have such a vast table for both sides to work. That is why they made the mat foldable for one or even both sides to fit your individual arrangement.

The first-ever mat with adaptive dimension.

With a larger size comes bigger responsibility. They have settled down the big rigs, what concerning the smaller-sized devices?

Smaller devices in 2020 mean two points: thirsty for juice, weak for the posture.

They need lots of power to stay energized for one-day usage, particularly for older models. They additionally require an accessory to maintain them standing when you want to use them throughout the charging process.

That is why they are additionally presenting the POWER STAND – the one that not just powers but also lifts up your phone to make sure that you can use them correctly while they are recharging. These are THE THINGS you want when sitting by the work desk.

COZE MAT The Next-gen Desktop Mat

Yes, charging and using can co-exist!

They minimized its dimension till it fits in the top areas, created a foldable framework for the best watching angle on the cost, as well as fitted it with the magnetic base to ensure that it would certainly stand firmly for the devices. The optimum Qi-standard 15W outcome is capable of fast-charging most phones on the market, while the dedicated wearable battery charger slot helps your Apple Watch or Android watches to function as a clock when charging by means of the main battery chargers.

The very best part? Absolutely nothing is added to any of your things. Use it, and leave it be when you are going out or taking a time-out. As a desktop mat, it should appreciate your day-to-day habits and assist you out just when you need it to.

To make a product for 80% of people, you require to think of 100% of the opportunities. From the preliminary laying out & paper-plate model, they recognized the COZE MAT was not only meant to be for the digital-only circumstance, that is why they maximized the center zone with such a functional format.

COZE MAT The Next-gen Desktop Mat

The selection that matters is yours.

For electronics, they likewise understand that each device has distinct angles that lots of people would certainly be most satisfied with, that is why the center location not just has a ridge yet also gets two trenches.

Among the important things that they cared about is hand preference. To utilize it left or right must be your right, both sides obtained the very same format with the very same possibility. You define your suitable design, and afterward, they lay them all out.

You can likewise fold both sides off the Omni-device stand for minimal area occupation when you do not require added paddings but just lift for day-to-day tasks.

Decrease the dimension when you don’t require the sides.

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