Decaf Denim by Coalatree

A technical stretch denim made from recycled plastic and coffee!

Here at Coalatree, we design eco-minded gear and apparel for the adventurer in everyone. To order our denim, click above on Check it out, or scroll below to learn more about our campaign!

After four years of in-depth design and engineering, we have finally hit our mark; The Decaf Denim is here. Decaf Denim is the perfect combination of technical jeans, maximum comfort, and sustainable manufacturing.

Spent coffee grounds are mixed and melted with recycled plastic bottles, then extruded into the fibers that create our Decaf Denim. The process requires minimal resources and utilizes sustainable technologies such as solar power, gray water recycling, and more! 

Our partners across the globe have worked for years to perfect the technique of turning coffee into clothes. First, coffee grounds are collected from local shops. Often this is done by employees on their way to work in the morning, so there’s no need to haul in the grounds with trucks that run on fossil fuels.

Next, the coffee is dried and the oils are separated out. Often these oils are given more life as soaps, cosmetics, and more. The dried coffee is further ground into nano-sized particles, that are then combined with plastic fibers and turned into cloth!

Decaf Denim is also made from recycled plastic bottles. Instead of discarded bottles going into the waste stream and often finding their way into oceans, the bottles are shredded into flakes and dried. Those flakes are melted down and extruded through a sieve into small fibers. The coffee is then mixed in to create yarn, giving the fabric natural protective features without chemical additives. 

Our comfort and sustainability factors are really something to brag about, but let us not forget that our jeans are also stocked with features such as UV protection, odor resistance, and water-wicking properties.

To make one pair of denim it takes 3,800 gallons of water from start to finish. By using recycled materials, organic cotton, and a waterless dye method, we save thousands of gallons per pair of denim. With these production techniques we are revolutionizing the denim production process! 

Curious to how it works? Thermo-conductive threads work their magic by gathering and releasing heat, keeping you cool. Other jean fabrics trap heat between the skin and pant often causing an uncomfortable build-up of sweat and moisture.

Love jeans, but tired of wearing rigid and constricting pants? Our fabric features a four-way stretch that moves with your body, without any restrictions. You’ll almost forget you’re wearing pants.

Liquids don’t stand a chance against these bad boys – these jeans are water wicking and stain-resistant. Liquids and stains bounce right off the material, no longer will a spilled drink ruin your day, just brush it off and carry on.

Do you ever get that searing heat feeling from wearing a pair of jeans in direct sunlight? With the Decaf Denim, you won’t have to worry about this any longer. The special fabric in these jeans blocks UV rays and keeps your skin protected while facing the abrasive rays of the sun while outside.

Leave the house worry-free when you’re wearing our denim. Keep your wallet safe without a secret zippered pocket. Thieves don’t stand a chance! These aren’t your average pair of jeans. Our denim can go anywhere with you, look fresh, and won’t restrict your movement. Whether it’s dressing up for a night on the town or relaxing indoors for Sunday night football, the Decaf Denim is made to perform. 

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