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Dokiy | The Powerful & Compact Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner

Dokiy The Powerful & Compact Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner

16000PA Strong Suction | 85,000 RPM Brushless | Stainless Steel & HEPA Dual Filters | Light Weight | Quiet | Easy-to-Maneuver Dust Cup

Introducing Dokiy, the cordless portable car vacuum that features 16000PA solid suction, stainless-steel & HEPA twin filters, and also 3 nozzles to have your car, desktop, and hard-to-reach corners cleaning covered.

If you commute for work or have youngsters and pets, you understand exactly how tough it can be to maintain the inside of your vehicle clean. Vacuuming the car’s surface, floor, seats in addition to the interior is necessary to shut out the debris, dust, dirt, and various other particles that can damage the vehicle parts over time. It is additionally crucial for maintaining a healthier driver and passenger environment especially for those with pulmonary and skin diseases.

Dokiy The Powerful & Compact Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner

Dokiy handheld hoover is tiny in dimension, only 11.6″ * 2.2″ (height * diameter), and ultra-light in weight of just 500g/1.1 lb. The portable style, lightweight, cordless design makes it simple to pick up and tidy quickly. Bid farewell to oversized cleaners.

Dokiy has the best power-to-size proportion. Its suction power is anything but weak. It offers 2 degrees of suction power:

Auto Level One 6000PA: is excellent for fast debris cleaning. The battery run time in this degree is 38 mins when charged fully.

Level Two 16000PA is by day one of the most powerful portable cleaner to cover a wide range of situations: matter of pet hair, cat trash, dust fragments, crumbs, microparticles, plant pollen, soot, or perhaps fluid. The battery run time at its full power at this level is 9 mins when you totally charge it.

Dokiy The Powerful & Compact Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner

This portable vacuum has an 85,000 RPM brushless electric motor as well as it uses 16,000 Pascals of suction power. With the effective 120watt electric motor, Dokiy provides extremely strong suction for difficult bits in hard-to-reach locations and makes vehicle interior cleaning incredibly easy.

In addition to its compact size that fits just right into your palm, Dokiy has an ergonomic design that supplies a comfy anti-slippery grip, making it the handiest vacuum cleaner these days.

To design the function and style matching item, they have taken on the straightforward duct, letting the air circulation pass straight without obstruction to ensure that it makes less sound and also offers fantastic suction performance.

Dokiy is developed with a HEPA filter which is splendidly crafted with lengthy longevity and can be cleaned for much more time than paper filters. The HEPA filtrates fine dust and allergens. It is rather easy to clean and also you do not need to regularly acquire replacements.

Dokiy The Powerful & Compact Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner

The HEPA filter is connected with a stainless-steel pre-filter for catching larger particles like debris and pet hair. Both of the filters are cleanable. You might merely take them out as well as wash them when required.

It comes geared up with three different cleansing add-ons: a hole nozzle for slim gaps, corners as well as liquids, a brush device for carpetings and upholstery, and a long soft pipeline for vacuuming dust bits flexibly. These are extension add-ons that their designers created intending to have your numerous situations covered.

Practically every edge of your car can be cleaned effortlessly. Moreover, it aids you to clean up the dust in sofas, walls, crumbs on a desktop, debris at stairs, and other hard-to-reach corners with these 3 add-ons.

Dokiy’s detachable dust mug head benefits fast and easy trash dumping, and you’re all set immediately to continue the rest of your cleaning. They have developed a little slide lock at the side to stop the mug from dropping accidentally while the vacuum is working.

Dokiy The Powerful & Compact Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner

The cup is transparent and 100% noticeable for you to check on its remaining capacity. Just pull down to unlock and let the dirt cup bounce up. You’ll never have to stress over unclean hands when taking up the cup.

The effective and durable motor turns at a max speed of 85000 PM per/min, minimizing the sound level to 75 dB and increasing the suction of the vacuum to 6000 PA. You do not need to fret about waking up the baby or terrifying the pet as a result of the loud motor. Furthermore, because Dokiy is outfitted with just one button to power on and operate, it is quite instinctive as well as easy to use.

The brushless has 3x 2000mAh batteries, supplying 2 degrees of power: general suction power at 800 PA and enhanced power at 16,000 PA, making the continuous working time for the levels independently around 38 minutes and 9 minutes, which extremely enhances efficiency, executes much better and operates longer.

Dokiy The Powerful & Compact Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner

Everything counts. Varying from the lightweight aluminum outside shell which is solid and durable, to the stainless steel & HEPA dual filters, duct system, changeable nozzle accessories for various events, lockable dust cup, ergonomic design, and its severe power-to-size ratio, they cared about how the product looks and what it offers. Throughout numerous times of testing and experiments, it is proven that Dokiy can work for 20,000 cycles which implies you might use it at least 5 years.

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