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DOZZ | Sleeping Made Easy

DOZZ - Sleeping Made Easy

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DOZZ is the world’s first smart sleeping gadget, aiding you to fall asleep and address your snoring problems as well. You can conveniently enter practicing meditation and deep peaceful states of sleep with the modern Neurowave Technology and breath training of the breathing light. To those who have snoring issues, DOZZ is designed to quit snores by promoting your muscle mass around the throats. You can even track your sleep health data with the integrated app. You can also use various sleep music for a full peaceful sleeping experience.

DOZZ Sleeping Made Easy

Are you somebody that frequently experiences sleeping disorders? The instant concern is daytime drowsiness. A lack of power can cause feelings of stress and anxiety, depression, or irritability. Not just can it affect your efficiency at work or school, but inadequate rest may likewise increase your risk for car accidents.

DOZZ will be your new solution that is budget-friendly and entirely safe for your body. It is drug-free, trustworthy, and effective in your sleeping problems. From now on, you can stop relying on harmful medicines for your better wellness and restful sleep.

DOZZ Sleeping Made Easy

DOZZ comes with numerous functions that can assist you to rest easy. It releases pulsation that can alleviate your mind and eliminate your stress with the Neurowave Technology. It reminds you to take a breath with the rhythmic calming light. You can even use their in-app Sleep Training Music for much better sleep.

Your brain continuously generates bursts of electrical activity. In fact, that’s how groups of neurons in your brain interact with each other. When your brain produces these electric pulses, that’s what’s known as brainwave activity. With the latest Neurowave technology, DOZZ utilizes a low-level electrical current to manipulate your brainwave. It lowers tension, stress, and anxiety, aiding you to fall under the theta rhythm (the state between wakefulness and sleep), for this reason, falling asleep.

Theta Waves

Theta waves are brain waves that take place in the 3 to 8 Hz range. Theta brain waves occur when you’re resting or dreaming. They may take place when you’re drifting off to sleep or suspended in that light phase of sleep, right before you wake up.

DOZZ Sleeping Made Easy

Theta wave is classified as a “slow” task. It is seen about creative thinking, instinct, fantasizing, and daydreaming and also is a repository for memories, feelings, sensations. Theta waves are strong throughout internal emphasis, reflection, prayer, and also spiritual awareness. When the theta rhythm appears to work normally it mediates and promotes flexible, complex actions such as learning and memory.

There have been researches suggesting different methods to enhance particular theta wave activity, and could aid calm and reduce anxiousness in individuals suffering from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Brainwaves can be conveniently effected by external stimuli. Placing on DOZZ aids regular brainwave integration, transforming your mood and helping you obtain great sleep.

DOZZ Sleeping Made Easy

Taking slow, deep breaths is just one of the easiest and most basic ways to involve your body’s all-natural relaxation response. If you find yourself lying awake in bed, start by taking 10 deep breaths. This alone can start to slow down the breath and produce a sense of calmness.

DOZZ has a built-in breathing light, which will certainly direct you to breathe gradually. Breathe in when the light beam expands and exhale when it retracts. DOZZ gradually decreases your breathing from 10 to 6 breaths per min (bpm), in a routine, rhythmic pattern conducive to a relaxing/ practicing meditation state.

DOZZ Sleeping Made Easy

The calming blue light, predicted on the ceiling, has a really low intensity (less than 1 lux) contrasted to the high intensity of mobile/computer displays (approx. 60 lux), and will not prevent melatonin secretion.

About snoring

When sleeping, the muscular tissues around your throat kick back and the uvula (the backside of the soft palate) may partially obstruct your air passage and vibrate. The more tightened your airway, the more strong the air movement becomes. This boosts tissue vibration, which makes your snoring grow louder.

DOZZ Sleeping Made Easy

If you are a snorer, you may place DOZZ conveniently under the chin as you rest. The sensing units mounted in DOZZ will discover your snores and also track your sleep states. When DOZZ identifies your snoring audio, it will produce really light micro-impulses, ranging from 10-60Hz to your chin nerves. This will stimulate your Genioglossus muscle mass around the throat, tighten the soft palate, tone up the respiratory tract, and hence keep you breathe smoothly and quietly.

DOZZ detects snoring, collects info on your sleep and sleep quality, to feed into the integrated application. You can track your snoring data and readjust sensitivity & pulse toughness via the app setting.

DOZZ has an integrated app that is really easy to use. It tracks and evaluates your sleep health. Recognize your sleep states, monitor your snores, and track your activities in bed. You can even tailor your setups to fit your preferences.

DOZZ Sleeping Made Easy

DOZZ app includes listings of introspective songs for you to pick from. You could simply pick your faves, and it will certainly help develop the best atmosphere for healthy, peaceful sleep. The relaxing standard of noise will not just help you sleep, yet keep you asleep.

DOZZ Sleeping Made Easy

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