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Dy Stove | World’s Most Durable & Portable Wood-Burning Stove

Today, we are extremely happy to introduce to you the newly verified Kickstarter project – The Most Durable and Portable Wood Burning Stove – Dy Stove! Enjoy exploring!

A compact, lightweight, multi-use, multi-fuel, eco-friendly, stainless steel stove that will bring coziness to your home and campsite.

Dy Stove is a portable, high-performing stove to use for camping or at home. It is easy and safe to use and consumes dry wood or pellet for heating or cooking.

Dy Stove is only 11kg (24lbs 4oz) and can be transported by a single adult. It is simple and intuitive in design and would only take 1-2 persons around 15 minutes to set up.

Versatile Use

Dy Stove consists of a stove body, a combustor, and a large-capacity fuel feeder. A patio heater can be attached for optimal indoor and outdoor heating. In addition, a cooking stove and oven can be attached for the easy barbecuing and grilling of vegetables, sausages, barbecues, steaks, and more. 

With Dy Stove, you can create your own indoor or outdoor camping ground that becomes a warm and cozy haven filled with laughter and conversation.

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