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Everest Crystal ✅ Whiskey Glasses to Chill Drinks in 18 Seconds

A Precision Crafted Glass | Embedded Chill Charger Chills Your Drink In Seconds | Approved by distillers & connoisseurs

Meet the Everest, The Most Amazing Crystal Whiskey Glass Ever Made!

Weight in at 1 lb each the Everest glass is the only true precision glass sculpture of Mount Everest in a Whiskey tumbler.

The Patented Chill-Charge System™ chills down your drink in just 18 seconds. Quickly release whiskey aromas by swirling the spirits gently around the faces of Mount Everest. Match the glasses with the Everest crystal glass decanter and elevate your cocktail game instantly, whether you’re serving drinks to friends or showcasing these glasses on your drinks cart.  

Everest Crystal Whiskey Glasses Chill Drinks in 18 Seconds

Do away with ice cubes and cumbersome whiskey stones! 

The Chill Charge System™ embedded within the whiskey glass. Store it in the freezer to charge it up with cool energy. 

Chill the whiskey evenly in less than 18 seconds without watering down the beverage. Enjoy a pristine, unadulterated whiskey drinking experience.

Measure your drink with the landmarks!

Single: Base Camp (16,900ft)

Double: Camp II (17,598ft)

Triple: The Summit (29,029ft) embracing the peak of Mount Everest. 

Everest Crystal Whiskey Glasses Chill Drinks in 18 Seconds

The 3D mountain design offers built-in aeration which naturally unlocks the flavors of your favorite whiskey to heighten your tasting experience. Watch the spirit swale against the maintain face, creating a wave that results in maximum oxidization. This effect forces more ethanol to evaporate, engaging the aromas on the nose as well as the taste buds.

Wrap your hand around the World’s Mightiest peak. 

Everest Crystal Whiskey Glasses Chill Drinks in 18 Seconds

The Everest Whiskey Glass features 1:1 replica of Mount Everest that is molded directly into the interior of the glass.

Complete The Set with the Everest Whiskey Decanter.

The Everest decanter features a unique Everest design on both the back and front exterior shows two different sides of the mountain to pair with the matching glasses. This set is sure to make your cocktail cabinet complete. This heavyweight decanter is made from 100% lead-free Crystalline Glass. The ergonomic design is comfortable in your hand, both while pouring and when carrying it. The glass stopper is precision milled to create a near airtight seal, keeping in the spirit’s aroma.

Want to give the Everest as a gift for this upcoming holiday season? Download your digital card, print or email it to your loved ones!

Everest Crystal Whiskey Glasses Chill Drinks in 18 Seconds

Entertain your friends with all the class of a 5-star lounge. The Liiton Mirrored Serving Tray features a reflective base that captures the ambient light and redirects it back through the facets of the Everest decanter and tumbler peak design to dazzle your guests. The tray is made from full-grain leather, the topmost quality leather available on the market and full leather stitch.

The matching Liiton coasters are also made from only the best materials — full grain leather and full leather stitch. These weighted coasters prevent the coaster from sticking to the tumbler when lifted, and the raised leather rim catches all condensation within the coaster so water doesn’t run onto your table or bar. The genuine cork inserts are replaceable — each pack of Liiton coasters comes with 4 extra cork inserts. 

Everest Crystal Whiskey Glasses Chill Drinks in 18 Seconds

From Aperol Spritz to Zoom, this glass can be used to sample your favorite cocktail, spirit or even fruit-infused water. Every type of drink looks good in an Everest glass.

Crystalline glass is a wonderful alternative to lead crystal. It is wonderful to look at, hold and display. Crystalline offers a magnificent clarity and brilliance, 100% lead free!

Benefits of Crystalline Glass:

– Offers a high clarity

– No risk of lead leaching into drinks or alcohol

wonderful weight qualities

– Stronger than glass

– Dishwasher safe

– The crystalline drinkware has high clarity

 Made with 100% recyclable silicate, the Everest Whiskey Set is made from nature’s most recyclable material.

Everest Crystal Whiskey Glasses Chill Drinks in 18 Seconds

Makes a great holiday gift for your loved ones!

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