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FARO by UNIT 1 | A Sleek, Visibility-First Smart Helmet

FARO by UNIT 1: A Sleek, Visibility-First Smart Helmet

A smart helmet that delivers style, safety and comfort with a state-of-the-art light system, ventilation, MIPS and fall detection.

Helmets aren’t exactly stylish, we get it – add some lights and it only gets worse. Now, check what FARO did – One Sleek Smart Helmet!

Team UNIT 1 set out to design an urban helmet that is safe, comfortable & ventilated but also sleek & stylish.       

They designed every inch of this thing like a proper product, including the lights: they were integrated in a way that they’re truly part of the helmet.

 Cycling accidents on the street are often caused by a lack of visibility and unclear communication. Drivers and other riders not seeing you well enough or not knowing what you’re going to do next.

80% of riders use cycling lights and still don’t feel safe. Why? Because they’re small and sit quite low. On top of that, they are easily lost, forgotten, or even stolen.         

Helmets usually work the same way as seatbelts: they only work for you the second you get hit (which can save your life obviously).

How can a helmet work for you all the time? You put lights on it. They are bigger, much higher, and more visible than regular cycling lights – that’s exactly what we did with FARO. 

 Every FARO was designed up to International Certification standards. To take it up a notch, we partnered up with MIPS – a Swedish company at the forefront on helmet safety – to take FARO to the next level in terms of safety. 

 FARO’s backside features a fabric-covered portion. This fabric is tough, tear-proof, and waterproof, the same kind used in those speakers you can throw in the pool.

Take that, regular helmets:

Tear-proof, Water-proof fabric that looks & feels amazing. But wait! It’s hiding something…  

So how do you put lights on a helmet without making it look like sci-fi? You cover them up with a classy fabric liner.

During the day you rock that fabric that looks & feels amazing. At night…the magic happens. 

 Sometimes being visible is not enough and you need to let others know you’re stopping or about to make a turn. FARO can be upgraded with a handlebar remote to incorporate an automatic brake-light and turn signals.   

Why is this an add-on? 

Cycling is very different for everyone. The cycling infrastructure in your city, how experienced of a rider you are…it all comes into play. We talked to over 300 riders from London, Copenhagen, L.A, Hong Kong & Berlin and their opinions on Turn Signals were split: many requested the feature while many others assured they wouldn’t use it.

Since we don’t want half of you guys stuck with (and paying for) an accessory you don’t want, we decided to make it an Add-on and as a bonus, make the helmet itself more affordable.

 This won’t be your typical Companion App.

We’ve put in a ton of functionality in there that will let you personalize your helmet in every way and even measure & track what your riding does for the environment (as opposed to driving).

From your office outfit, to casual everyday clothes to a night out with friends, FARO will work with your outfit, not against.  

The electronics are fully sealed and the fabric – in case you were wondering – is the same fabric used on bluetooth speakers you can thrown in the pool. *Based on internal testing. Final Certifications will happen after tooling.
Our 3 sizes can accommodate a wide range of heads and make sure everyone gets a snug, comfortable fit. Remember, the fitting system will get you that final 5% to reach perfect fit.

 UNIT 1 is an American Company built by a team of designers, engineers & entrepreneurs commited to creating amazing products that make an impact.

We’ve designed, developed, manufactured & shipped thousands of our ski & snowboard helmets around the globe  – we are ready to do it again.

This is not our first rodeo – we have a long-standing relationship with our (very) experienced manufacturing & logistics partners and we feel FARO couldn’t be in better hands.    


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