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FinalPress | A new way to brew great tasting coffee & tea

FinalPress: A new way to brew great tasting coffee & tea

Press the plunger to brew your coffee anywhere.

Meet FinalPress. It will certainly change the bulky coffee brewing tools while making the same great-tasting coffee with very little time and effort. It’s made of top-quality stainless steel that is very light & mobile! FinalPress is specially made and engineered to make brewing simple and inexpensive in your home and on the go.

  1. Half-fill the filter with your favored coffee or tea
  2. Mix 10 secs & leave for 4 minutes
  3. Press the plunger & enjoy!
FinalPress: A new way to brew great tasting coffee & tea

FinalPress makes coffee or tea straight in your mug to remove any mess. You can be your own barista literally anywhere. Professional barista experience is not necessary, or specialty brewing tools or messy cleanups. Simply put coffee grounds in the FinalPress, stir, wait and press the bettor, as easy as that.

Each order includes their customized stainless-steel jar lid that fits any kind of regular mouth mason jar that is most likely already in your kitchen area. Rather than hot water, add cold water to the container. Locate FinalPress in the container, close the customized cover and leave it in the fridge over the night. Their system functions by brewing coffee grounds in cold water. The stainless-steel micron filter creates and maintains flawlessly balanced, smooth-tasting flavors every time by leaving the bitter oil and fatty acids.

FinalPress: A new way to brew great tasting coffee & tea

With their patent-pending FinalPress device, you will certainly be in control of the brewing procedure from start to finish. Stir between 10 to 30 secs relying on any type of strength you like, from extremely light to delicate to robust, and leave it in the mug for a couple of mins and push the bettor numerous times to optimize the launch of rich flavor.

Cleaning: Once you finish, press the plunger outside the glass to dry out all the coffee grounds & tea leaves in the filter so they won’t be sticky and you can easily throw the residues from the filter into the garbage then rinse the rest to complete cleaning under 15 secs.

FinalPress: A new way to brew great tasting coffee & tea

Their patent-pending style with collapsing mechanism fits perfectly in your bag so now, you can easily lug FinalPress with you and brew fantastic coffee & tea anywhere you are.

From the get-go, their primary objective is to brew a great-tasting coffee or tea with minimal effort and time while utilizing no paper filters & pricey coffee capsules. They have developed plenty of prototypes over two years up until they refined FinalPress.

FinalPress: A new way to brew great tasting coffee & tea

You can control the density of your coffee with their bettor system that is powered by stainless-steel springs and also it has a collapsible system so it can be used on the move as well. Their exchangeable stainless-steel spring and internal assembly can be dismantled in under 10 secs if necessary.

They are finally thrilled to share the FinalPress with you.
Save money and time, overpaying for a cup of coffee, it builds up really quickly.

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