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ForeverPen | Writing Without Limits

ForeverPen Writing Without Limits

Super-tiny Inkless pen made for your keys | Built to write more than 500 pens and made from materials that last forever


Born out of a very simple idea: having something with you all the time, small enough to never forget, and functional enough to need often.

Their inspiration was derived from a centuries-old drawing technique called silverpoint, a craft well renowned and reserved for high luxury.

ForeverPen Writing Without Limits

Using material science and modern engineering, they created a hard-wearing Silvertip that lets you write anywhere and on anything!

Solid ink outperforms liquid ink in every way as it writes permanently, while upside down, and lasts practically forever.

It lasts longer than 500 pens! It is resistant to elements, opens boxes with ease, it’s tinier than one inch, it can write upside down, made of solid silver composite ink and even writes underwater.

ForeverPen Writing Without Limits
  • You can choose from titanium, copper, or brass to combine with their specialist silver composite.
  • Coming in at just shy of an inch, the Forever Pen can seamlessly integrate into your everyday life.
  • The pass-through on the base lets you creatively and undetectably attach the pen just about anywhere.
  • It is perfect for your keys. The robust design can join your set while maintaining a slim and sleek profile.
ForeverPen Writing Without Limits

Their evolution of precision design has taken shape to form a bold and modern look, smart and ready for any situation and with a great feel in hand.

Their specialist silver composite is machine milled down to a precise point, made with weight and balance in mind.

Most prominent features: carefully refined with every detail, adventure, and need in mind. It is not just a pen, it’s made from toughened silver so you can use the point to tear through boxes, pry open lids, and even open packets. The nib is made from a silver composite which ensures no marks or smudges on your fingers. It is designed to make a quick note, The pen leaves clearly noticeable strokes on paper, card, plastic, wood, and other surfaces.

ForeverPen Writing Without Limits

This pen is made to last which means it is fully weather-proof. They used tough and inert materials so you can use it in the harshest of elements. Scientifically and structurally tested to last longer than any other pen of its size. It’s in a class of its own.

They combined versatile items with the most durable materials to disrupt old trends and change the way you carry by making the world’s tiniest and most functional goods!

ForeverPen Writing Without Limits

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