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FREESIXD ✅ World‘s Most Versatile Sling & Resistance Trainer

An ultraportable sling and resistance trainer for a full-body workout anywhere and anytime you want!

FREESIXD is the globe’s most functional sling and also resistance trainer. It incorporates the advantages of a sling trainer as well as resistance bands and provides you over 100 workouts for full-body exercise. You can mount it on a wall surface, door, as well as outdoors on a tree or post for 100% versatility, anywhere you desire.
Train with over 100 workouts without needing to go to a fitness center. FREESIXD is the mobile full-body gym that enables you to exercise in your home, outdoors, or when taking a trip! All with one tool that suits a tiny bag.

FREESIXD – World‘s Most Versatile Sling & Resistance Trainer

The primary element of FREESIXD is the belt with stepless adjustable clasp. The belt is fixed in between both adapters and also works as a step-less elevation adjustment for the clasp, so you can connect the sling trainer or resistance bands in any way possible elevations. This enables you to do workouts with top, middle, or low add-ons like bodyweight rows or band swirls

Training from all various angles as well as for any body size and workout. Do rows with the high add-on, breast flies with the middle attachment, or swirls with the low add-on and appreciate complete versatility!

Fix the resistance bands to the hook, pass them via the top or lower D-hook of the very belt and also readjust the resistance continually by relocating the buckle up or down.

The nylon incredibly belt is connected within seconds into the adapters on the wall, tree, or door, tighten it by hand and you prepare to go. It enables you to move the clasp up and down for all various elevations. Isn’t that great?

FREESIXD – World‘s Most Versatile Sling & Resistance Trainer

Exactly how it functions:

1) Plug the steel plate into the top adapter.

2) Connect the second metal plate right into the low adapter.

3) Tighten up the belt and you are ready to train!

If you have just a stud wall in your home and still want to set up FREESIXD on it, then you can utilize an extra wooden plate that you fix in between 2 studs. On that particular plate, you can then attach the wall surface adapters.

For the outside installment, you just need the two cushioned outside adapters and tension bands to affix it to a tree or blog post. This permits you to workout anywhere you want, in the yard, park, or even on the beach. Delight in the gorgeous weather condition and fresh air with an outdoor exercise

FREESIXD – World‘s Most Versatile Sling & Resistance Trainer

FREESIXD packages consist of 4 resistance bands in two various tension degrees (blue & grey). Resistance bands assist you to do gym workouts – without requiring an actual gym. They allow you to train every muscle mass group, they are light-weight and also super-portable and the opportunity of injury is much less due to a reduced amount of pressure on the joints as compared to weights.

FREESIXD is a product of the brand name Pullup & Dip, based in Munich, Germany also recognize for calisthenics and bodyweight training tools since 2016.

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