GEMJI ✅ The Most Versatile Board Game & STEAM Tool

Blind accessible, fits in a pocket, 30+ games in one, ALL AGES, flexible playtime, washable & more!

GEMJI: The Most Versatile Board Game & STEAM Tool

GEMJI is a tabletop game engine that gives you the freedom to play multiple games. Currently, we start with over 30 games and 7 building models. Games include original titles developed by the GEMJI team, educational games, and popular classic game adaptations. The mathematical possibilities in 2D and 3D give you plenty of room to create & publish your own games on the GEMJI platform.

Precision and design meet in each tile. Its features & modularity make it an extremely versatile building block for exploring new game concepts & entertainment moments.

With a magnetic personality and smart features, GEMJI dares you to reimagine your way of thinking about games. Take part in a new tabletop game Revolution!

Just like a standard deck of cards, the GEMJI System offers multiple games in one set. The big difference is that GEMJI could be used in many more situations and combinations, which means MORE games! The magnetic grid, the double-face tactile interface, the unique design language, and 3D build options make GEMJI unbeatable.

GEMJI: The Most Versatile Board Game & STEAM Tool

The dog running around won’t destroy your battlefield. Nor the wind. Nor the moving boat. GEMJI adds fun to your indoor and outdoor activities and can be played solo or with a group.

GEMJI is also a magnetic constructor to build your dreams. No matter if it’s a 2D or a 3D shape, you got it!

GEMJI can be a fidget to relax because taking care of your inner peace is just as important as growing your creativity.

GEMJI: The Most Versatile Board Game & STEAM Tool

The modular nature of the system allows a huge variety of games. With a sprinkle of creativity, you can adapt or reinvent classical games, learn new concepts, master new skills, or play by your own rules and share your games with the GEMJI Community. 

GEMJI: The Most Versatile Board Game & STEAM Tool

From a toy to play with, GEMJI easily becomes a tool and an integrative part of every game. Use it as a poker chip, or even build your Dungeons & Dragons map with a twist.

Instantaneously prototype your design concepts with GEMJI, test various compositions, and share them with friends.

The full sets (Original & Light) come with a Rulebook with 21 games and a Build book with 7 model instructions. They’ve been balancing between good variety and keeping it lightweight shipping-wise. The GEMJI Mini Set comes with 6 games printed on the packaging. They are compatible with any GEMJI set. They have many more ideas in the pipeline. Visit for all new games and their rules, and updates. Enjoy a 1 Year access with your Light pack or be unbeatable with a Lifetime Access with your Original Pack.

The game lovers that created the heart and brains of GEMJI. It was an exciting adventure to bring GEMJI to Life, they say. Now it’s up to you to unlock the universe of possibilities.

GEMJI: The Most Versatile Board Game & STEAM Tool

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