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Ghost Pacer | Your Personal Holographic Workout Partner

Maximize Every Workout with an On-Demand Holographic Running Partner

Finding a running partner who can challenge you and commit to your training regimen is the key to maximizing your workouts — but it’s near impossible!

Train harder with a running partner anytime and anywhere.

The Ghost Pacer is the next-generation outdoor workout. The world’s first set of mixed-reality glasses projects a hologram you can race against outdoors in real-time! Get

Built FOR runners BY runners, Ghost Pacer is the on-demand workout partner that will give you the competitive edge you need to crush your goals!

Running is inspiring. It’s challenging. It’s motivating. But it can be frustrating when you pour hours, days and weeks into workouts… only to not see any improvement.

Running with a partner can unlock each workout’s full potential.

But it can be hard — especially now — to find that stronger partner who can push you without being too fast and demotivating. And organizing long-term regular workouts with them can be nearly impossible!

Tired of having to keep track of time in your head or relying on someone to try to record precise lap times? Your time and energy should be spent on beating those records, not trying to keep track of them.

                The Ghost Pacer is always ready to join you on a run. To push your pace. To push you past your limits. And push you to perform at your best!

Not only does the Ghost Pacer provide an HD display of your time, speed, and distance among other things, but all you have to do is put it on and run.

With a pinpoint GPS, a state of the art accelerometer, and compatibility with smartwatches, all your data can be consolidated and easily accessible with the Ghost Pacer App, you can train on your own time with no worries.

Just set up your avatar quickly, and try to catch up with them as you run on your route. The faster you go, the closer you’ll get to them!

Ready? Go!

Forget about looking down at your smartwatch, or taking out your phone. The sleek and lightweight Ghost Pacer is designed to fully adapt to your running experience so that you forget it’s there. 

The Ghost Pacer shows you your live running stats without needing to keep your eyes off of the prize. A quick momentary focus of the eye brings them into view instantly, without having to tilt your head or look away from what’s ahead of you.

And with its built-in GPS tracking, you’ll never run off course — whether you’re running alongside your avatar, or following the onscreen directions.

Immerse yourself in your running experience — the Ghost Pacer is so light that you won’t even realize it’s there. At just 90 grams (~3oz), the Ghost Pacer is the only mixed-reality headset in the world that is light enough to wear while running.

You’ll appreciate the lightness even on your longer ultra-marathons, as the Ghost Pacer can keep you going for up to 6 hours.

Shaped like a streamlined pair of sports sunglasses, only you will experience the Ghost Pacer as you run past your competition and leave them in the dust!

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