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HaloFalls | Indoor Waterfall + Bluetooth Speakers + Lamp

HaloFalls - Indoor Waterfall + Bluetooth Speakers + Lamp

A truly unique mini waterfall and mood lamp with integrated Bluetooth speakers. Bring home the symphony of nature. Relax.

Made to create an oasis of tranquility anywhere you place it, HaloFalls is a one-of-its-kind indoor water fountain that recreates the recuperative noises of nature in a gorgeous appearance. HaloFalls is sonically engineered to produce the healing sounds of water close to you.

HaloFalls Indoor Waterfall  Bluetooth Speakers  Lamp

They developed HaloFalls since all other products didn’t make the cut in some way. Sure, you can pay a high price and get a great mood lamp. You can spend hundreds on a quality Bluetooth speaker. You can even get a gorgeous interior waterfall. HaloFalls combines all three in an attractive package, so you don’t need to choose.

The mild audio of streaming water can be a meditative experience, resulting in a better, healthier, calmer state of mind. As a matter of fact, the mere sight and sound of water can cause a flood of neurochemicals promoting wellness and enhanced blood flow to the brain.

HaloFalls Indoor Waterfall  Bluetooth Speakers  Lamp

Your HaloFalls system is ready from the moment it is taken out of the package. All you require to do is add water and connect it to the power source.

The sounds of water have actually been used for centuries to assist meditation. There are a lot of proven benefits of being around water.

Its compact size makes HaloFalls ideal for anywhere, whether it’s an expansive living room, a comfortable bedside table, or a workplace where you simply require that extra touch of calmness.

HaloFalls Indoor Waterfall  Bluetooth Speakers  Lamp

The beautiful lampshade has been designed in a fashion that makes it exceptionally low upkeep. It can be easily disassembled for cleaning up with simple cleaning solutions. No tools needed.

Each ‘halo’ has been precision engineered to generate ideal aesthetic and acoustic brilliance. Immerse yourself in the relaxing acoustics of the dripping falls.

HaloFalls is powered by a completely submersible pump that runs very silently. That suggests whether it’s the gentle sound of the falls or the songs emanating from the speaker, every little sound will be very clear.

HaloFalls Indoor Waterfall  Bluetooth Speakers  Lamp

Their study recognized the most common issue of standard indoor water features which is damaging water spilling. They did 2 things to counter this issue:

  1. The waterfall was engineered in a specific way to ensure that the water streams straight from one layer to the next without spilling.
  2. They made an outer tapered drum lamp shade that would certainly stop water droplets from spilling outside.

HaloFalls comes in two preset light settings so you have the flexibility to create a setting matching your mood.

HaloFalls Indoor Waterfall  Bluetooth Speakers  Lamp

Cool White (6000K)

It’s brilliant and cool. Basic lights, perfectly suitable for reading. It’s the soothing light of a conventional fluorescent light that illuminates its environment.

Warm White (3000K)

It’s all-natural, enjoyable, and declares the end of a day. Select this unwinding mode and calm down for a good night’s rest.

A step-less dimmer helps you obtain the correct amount of illumination.

HaloFalls Indoor Waterfall  Bluetooth Speakers  Lamp

The case is constructed from thermostable and harmless silicon materials. That makes it warmth resistant and raises its sturdiness. The shade is given a unique gradient tint from top to bottom, relieving eye stress.

The multi-level rounded LED lighting is smartly designed to take full advantage of the light output and give a one-of-a-kind design aesthetic. The flicker-free, glare-free, UV-free and equally distributed 360-degree lighting protects your eyes from stress, dry eyes, or fatigue of any kind. This makes it ideal as a living room, work desk, or study lamp, safeguarding your eyes from all angles.

HaloFalls Indoor Waterfall  Bluetooth Speakers  Lamp

As nature lovers, they meant to make HaloFalls as energy-efficient as possible. This is implemented with the built-in LED fixture that’s not just long-lasting, however uses extremely little power.

You’ll notice an LED ring light on the base too! The ambient lights right here are reflected on the water, causing a stunning interplay of light and water. It’s really among those small, magical joys.

Whether you are listening to your favorite music, or deep into an amusing audiobook, the crisp tonal top quality of the audio speakers will astound you. Made to sound wonderful in any environment thanks to two effective 5W speakers with an ultra-wide full variety driver as well as 360-degree grille.

HaloFalls Indoor Waterfall  Bluetooth Speakers  Lamp

No waiting, no browsing. The effective Bluetooth pairing aids you link wirelessly to your favorite playlists, audiobooks, Spotify, etc. on any electronic device, from approximately 30 feet away.

To safeguard the speakers from unexpected spillage, a high-quality water-resistant acoustic textile has been utilized. This speaker grille is stretched and secured right into position for a crisp, smooth, as well as high-tensioned coating.

HaloFalls Indoor Waterfall  Bluetooth Speakers  Lamp

There’s something common to all the products utilized in producing a HaloFalls unit: the premium quality. A comprehensive study has actually been done to procure state-of-the-art materials for the production of each component that comprises HaloFalls.

To bring HaloFalls to life they partnered with an enthusiastic, professional team of commercial engineers and developers from the prize-winning item style company named Invent Team. HaloFalls is a result of over a year’s research, design, and material combination.

HaloFalls Indoor Waterfall  Bluetooth Speakers  Lamp

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