Hindsight 2020 | “The Game of the Year”

Hindsight 2020: "The Game of the Year"

A tabletop card game for 2-6 players

Hindsight 2020: "The Game of the Year"

This is a true game for everybody who’s fed up with the year 2020! It’s been very harsh on us all and nobody can tell they cannot wait to finally enter 2021. Joylissa & Sean made this party game just out of fun and now presenting it to the audience with their Kickstarter campaign. You should definitely check it out with your family/friends and have fun!

Hindsight 2020: "The Game of the Year"

Hindsight 2020 is a cutthroat party game where players will compete as different nations to survive the wild year of 2020. Check the news, enact policies, protect your citizens, and sabotage rivals with the goal of being the last nation standing.

Hindsight 2020: "The Game of the Year"

Small game nights were the extent of their social interactions during COVID lockdowns. On the way home one night, they had the thought: “what if there were a game where players faced the unrelenting craziness of 2020?”

They jokingly tossed around a few ideas until they realized they were onto something. Like most of us, they had found themselves suddenly unemployed due to COVID and needed anywhere to focus their time and energy.

Unbeknownst to each other, they had both created board games as kids.

They liked the idea of creating together and spent hours brainstorming ideas, reflecting on the year, and ironing out game mechanics. Viewing the events of 2020 in a comedic light was fun for us, their play-testers, and hopefully you!

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