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HUNU+ | The 16 or 20 oz cup that fits into your pocket!

HUNU+ The 16 or 20 oz cup that fits into your pocket!

A beautifully designed reusable cup that folds down small enough to fit in any pocket or bag. Comes in 16 and 20 oz with straw.

HUNU+ includes a special brand-new folding system that enables a 16oz mug to conveniently fold up right into a 3 centimeters disk without compromising on the toughness of the cup.

HUNU+ The 16 or 20 oz cup that fits into your pocket!

Every single time you use your own mug one less item of plastic most likely ends up in the garbage dump. HUNU+ is a reusable mug that you will not just enjoy using but also one that will really be with you when you need it!

Their goal at HUNU is to design multiple-use items that fit into your life and HUNU+ does that simply by slipping quickly into a pocket or bag after usage.

They established HUNU due to the fact that they understood that they could do better. They started looking around and learning about just how much the little bit of daily waste we use builds up. A truth that really stunned them was that 165 million coffee wind up in garbage dumps annually and less than 1% are reused as a result of the plastic lining.



When making the HUNU cup they had a couple of non-negotiable needs. It had to be compact sufficient to comfortably carry about in a pocket all the time. It needed to be durable enough to securely hold a hot beverage. It needed to be used for the best food-grade materials. It had to look good and be light as well as long-lasting. None of this changed when they started to design the HUNU+.

HUNU+ The 16 or 20 oz cup that fits into your pocket!

Silicone is a very durable, safe material that can stand up to severe temperatures and also does not leech poisonous chemicals. It is really simple to clean and flexible adequate to fold up down easily however, strong enough to form a sturdy, safe cup when unraveled.

The silicone they use is both LFGB and FDA licensed implying it fulfills the highest degree of both USA and European certification.


When they drew out their original HUNU mug they made use of a bamboo compound for the cover (a blend of resin and bamboo fiber). Nonetheless, their objective is to constantly be learning and over the past year, they learned more and more about recyclable plastic and what a stable and secure product it is along with just how commonly it can be recycled. They have since decided to use BPA and BPS-free polypropylene for their new covers. While there are lots of new products coming onto the market and they will constantly be looking for ways they can improve, today few plant-based plastics are durable enough or easily recycled enough to compete with polypropylene.

HUNU+ The 16 or 20 oz cup that fits into your pocket!


Silicone is extremely non-porous which means that it is exceptionally easy to clean. If you are out and about during the day a simple rinse out with water and even a wipe with a paper napkin will certainly be enough. At the end of the day using some dish soap in the sink or taking the lid and band off and popping every little thing in the dishwasher works excellent.

The HUNU cup is totally dishwasher safe!

HUNU+ The 16 or 20 oz cup that fits into your pocket!

Fundamental principles while creating HUNU;

  • It needed to be the proper size to hold your coffee but collapse small enough to suit in your pocket.
  • It required to be tough and also have a lid.
  • It needed to have some type of shielding so that you could hold even the hottest beverages.
  • With HUNU+ they still had these principles at the leading edge but to them, they added all the responses they have received from all their fantastic backers to not only boost the size but to improve on every facet that they could.

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