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Kane | Active Recovery Footwear

Kane Active Recovery Footwear

Kane footwear is designed specifically for active recovery. Created from Brazilian sugarcane and other eco-sustainable materials.

Kane is an active recovery footwear brand developing a community of preparedness. Their emphasis is the innovative use of Eco-sustainable products to transform the lives of professional athletes all over the world. They’ve very carefully chosen similar partners, to guarantee their items make a measurable positive impact at every step, from style to shipment.

Recuperation begins with the feet up. By caring for your feet, you take care of your whole body. Kane footwear is designed particularly for active recovery.

Kane  Active Recovery Footwear

Kane is purpose-designed for the athletic shifts. Unlike footwear created for particular activities, Kane’s regenerative layout supports and boosts your feet between efficiency sessions and workouts. So you can stay energetic while you’re recharging and snapback quickly.

They started with the idea that a shoe could help renew your energy, by providing the perfect balance of support and cushioning. Partnering with Dr. Daniel Geller, a distinguished foot and ankle surgeon, they incorporated recovery-based orthopedic principles right into prototypes as well as mold and mildews. Making use of unique BounceBack™ foam, they created a built slip-on shoe that’s breathable and supportive. Active recovery footwear made to maximize revival.

  • Exterior perforations, as well as interior channels, permit enhanced airflow.
  • Raised footbed nodes turn on blood circulation in key pressure points.
  • The anatomical last design easily protects the heel, arch, and instep.
  • Constructed for smooth transferability and power return from heel to toes.
  • Double density construction for generous cushioning and active support.
  • Extra-large channels and sipped soles supply versatility and traction.
Kane  Active Recovery Footwear

Every facet of Kane’s Active Recovery Design operates in harmony to promote foot wellness and also release restorative powers. Kane’s natural modern technology offers the comfort of a slip-on with the support of a tennis shoe.

Grown, Not Manufactured.

The Kane Revive footwear is made in Brazil from eco-sustainable products, like sugarcane, renewable energy that helps in reducing greenhouse gases. By welcoming natural products and sustainable processes, they’ve produced revolutionary shoes that boost and reinforce your body, while respecting the environment.

Made with Natural Technology.

Kane is committed to eco-friendly products and procedures. They use sugarcane responsibly grown and collected in south-central Brazil. Incorporating mindful worths with contemporary design, the Kane Revive shoe feels as good as it looks, re-energizing you and the planet.

Kane  Active Recovery Footwear

6 Ways to Revive.

Kane’s initial footwear launch is the Revive footwear. The Revive is originally offered in 6 various color mixes to match your style. Wearing the Kane Revive with socks adds warmth and convenience while offering you unlimited color options thanks to the footwear’s perforated upper. Wearing the Kane Revive without socks boosts breathability and assists feet cooling and contract after a workout.

Tread Lightly.

Kane’s BounceBack™ foam is exceptionally light-weight. A pair of size 9 Kane Revive shoes weigh only 510 grams. BounceBack™ foam is closed-cell material that doesn’t absorb water or moisture, so the shoes are odor and bacteria-immune. They’re quick-drying, can easily be cleaned, and are machine washable at cool temperature levels.

Kane  Active Recovery Footwear

Meet the Hang Loop.

The special Hang Loop makes it very easy to take Kane Revive footwear wherever you go. Hang them on a coat hook. Clip them to a backpack with a carabiner. Hook them on your handlebars. Every pair of Kane Revive shoes includes 3 sets of Hang Loops in various colors. Change them to match your look and your mood. (Be gentle! The Hang Loop is not intended to be used as a pull tab).

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