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Lance Air | Your Everyday Smart Luxury Glasses

Lance Air - Your Everyday Smart Luxury Glasses

No margins, no harmful blue light, no eye-strain. Meet the timeless, light designs, suitable for wearing everyday, all day long.

Progress is one of the most important things to the Lance Glasses team so, inspired by the hundreds of backers that gave their support, they’ve come back with one more revolutionary project – fresh & elegant, minimalistic & sleek looking eyewear. Choosing between design and convenience never has to be a choice, they say. Lance incorporates its ergonomic design with the newest generation materials.

Lance Air - Your Everyday Smart Luxury Glasses

They’ve developed ageless, light designs, all-day everyday eyewear without feeling any kind of discomfort while using them: no margins, no hazardous blue light, no eye-strain. Lance’s idea is that glasses are an extension of your body, not a troubling concern that needs to be hidden.

Flexible – Smart Steel – Forget the breakable, heavy, and uncomfortable frames.

Essential for the identity of the Lance brand is the innovative approach. Their main goal is to constantly search beyond the conventional limitations of the eyewear sector, seeking new and relevant modern technologies in different fields and incorporating them directly into the production.

Lance Air - Your Everyday Smart Luxury Glasses

The Lance Air frames provide unequaled convenience. A long time spent in front of the screen is no longer a problem. That’s not all, though! Their eyewear will look impressive on your face, as unnoticeable as you want them to be, depending on your lens and color preferences.

Each frame arm is made from flexible beta-titanium. 2 of them, Monceau & Nouvel, are entirely constructed from beta-titanium, offering total adaptability, even for the bridge.

Lance Air - Your Everyday Smart Luxury Glasses

Their team, in addition to the best opticians, has chosen and implemented the finest lens functions for your eyes. Utilizing advanced optical software and industry-leading machinery, Lance can take care of one of the most difficult improvements with an amazing degree of accuracy and optical clarity, including digital free-form lenses.

You do not need to pay too much for your prescription anymore. After the completion of the project, through the Survey, you’ll be able to fill in your prescription as well as select your preferred lenses, either Sharp or Fade. Their prescriptions cover values from 0 to +/ -8 in addition to progressive lenses.

Allow them to make your life easier by enhancing your sight! Quality, convenience, and design: a special experience for all glasses’ users. Lance Glasses will certainly improve your sleep, lower migraines due to the long display hours, and also maximize your focus while enhancing your life quality.

Lance Air - Your Everyday Smart Luxury Glasses

The nanotechnology finishes are acting as a guard versus blue light originating from your everyday direct exposure to screens. The primary resource of HEV light in people’s lives is the harmful blue-violet light released by digital screens. From Televisions to tablets, computers to phones, people are frequently exposing themselves to the unnatural blue light. Having Sharp Lenses on your Lance Glasses will limit the quantity of blue light that enters your eyes, making your screen time much more pleasurable.

They also know just how vital looks are, and therefore they wish to make you feel 100% satisfied with your chosen Lance design. Feel free to look into their Instagram and try out your favorite frames with their Digital Try Mirror. You’ll certainly find the one that suits you ideally. They’re continuously uploading new Lance Air material on their Insta page!

*Have in mind that these are only Instagram Effects – the dimensions, tones, as well as overall aspect of the frames, might differ.

Lance Air - Your Everyday Smart Luxury Glasses

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