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LONO | The Sock-Less, Odor-Busting, Eco-Conscious Sneaker

Translating organic materials and smart design into convenient, comfortable, and sustainable athleisure shoes.

Meet LONO – A pair of plant-based sneakers created explicitly for a sockless and eco-conscious way of living. Thanks to TREE fiber, the all-natural residential properties of quick drying, breathable, as well as odor-resistant they are able to perform LONOs and convert directly to our feet.

Simplify your life! The ideal pair for doing yoga, ballgame, training, walking, and more. If the gyms and studios are shut, just get on these sockless sneakers and start your exercise. Get in and get moving! Or you can simply take it easy with these comfortable sockless shoes.

Walk your pet, run some tasks, take a stroll, kick back, and take pleasure in them.

TREE FIBER dries out 3x faster than merino wool in the very same conditions, making it the utmost product to fight against sweat. Actually, individuals been making shoes all wrong with polyester. It’s like placing your feet in plastic bags – not surprising that they stink!

LONO | The Sock-Less, Odor-Busting, Eco-Conscious Sneaker

The exact same goes for water-proof tennis shoes, they have a chemical finish as well as a plastic membrane that suffocates your feet. Whereas LONO is identified in keeping things natural. The key function of anti-bacterial power from tree fiber avoids nasty scent after drying.

LONO is figured out in making the transition from man-made material to organic, eco-friendly materials. Their goal is to minimize waste and pollution while translating sustainable sources into shoes with exceptional functionality.

Using animal by-products such as wool and leather is a huge NO-NO for LONO.

Their outstanding tree fiber is generated from tree bark coming from a sustainably managed woodland licensed by the FSC. The non-toxic solvent utilized at the same time has an amazing 99% recovery rate, maintaining the cycle self-sustainable.

Why would you wish to step in a crude oil puddle, the main ingredient in routine EVA insoles? Here they replace it with a cleaner and greener option of plant-based oil without compromising support and convenience, which Castorfoam supplies.

Poppin’ and bouncin’ with their Popcorn sole, in collaboration with BLOOM USA to produce a performance foam out of algae as a replacement for plastic and petrochemical-based recipe.

LONO | The Sock-Less, Odor-Busting, Eco-Conscious Sneaker

They collaborate with Tree-Nation, that have been growing trees, since 2006 there are over 5 million trees! The supreme objective is to eliminate and elevate recognition of climate modification. For each pair of LONO you back, a tree will be grown with development updates.

They’ve sent over 200 pairs all over the world to test them out and everybody loves them!

Absolutely nothing beats the sensation of being barefoot. That’s why they use all-natural materials to resemble that raw connection between the body and nature.

LONO came to life by recognizing there is a demand, and thinking of an answer based upon knowledge and experience. They wish to do good. With some creativity and effort, good things can take place. We’re all different; each person has a gift, a strength that we can route in the direction of developing a far better world.

LONO | The Sock-Less, Odor-Busting, Eco-Conscious Sneaker

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