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LOOKSTAND | Tallest Transforming Phone/Tablet Stand

A POCKET-SIZED STAND with adjustable height and unlimited angles. Offering maximum productivity and comfort. Patented design.


Our main focus was to address and apply the constructive feedback we received through the first campaign. The LOOKSTAND is back with a sturdier but slimmer design to satisfy the needs of our backers, and a larger version, the LOOKSTAND MAX, is now available for tablets.

The LOOKSTAND 2.0 has been enhanced in the inner design to for better strength and durability for long term usage. We changed the shaft at the base for stronger hold and also added an extra spring for firmer rotation, and fixed the bolts on hinges as well. The new Detach Mount is now slim and easy with only a base mount that the Lookstand can be directly attached/detached from with a simple slide-down functionality. 

Our patented stands have a sleek, compact design and can stay attached to the back of the phone/tablet- always ready-to-go. Both stands extend up to a height of a full 7-inches for the perfect, ergonomic viewing angle in both portrait and landscape modes to maximize comfort and productivity. 

The Detach Mounts are specially designed for our stands to maximize the function of LOOKSTAND by enabling the detachment of the LOOKSTAND from your phone. It allows you to use existing wireless chargers or car chargers/holders. 

The detailed mechanism within the compact design of the LOOKSTAND holds much functionality. The LOOKSTAND is a multi-functional stand that transforms into a phonestand or tripod for your chosen device. 

The LOOKSTAND can be used as a phone grip and can be flipped both horizontally and vertically as a kickstand. 

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