Majextand M – Phone/Tablet Stand Covering Every Possible Angle

Crafted with Stainless Steel, next generation Angle/Height adjusting device stand for different situations.

Smartphones and tablets have become an indispensable part of our lives, a well-designed phone stand or holder can benefit us in so many aspects. But do your phone stands really meet your needs? Do they cause more pain than comfort?

This is why we came up with our latest product, Majextand M. The next generation device stand designed with all the benefits stacked up in one single piece, redefining what a functional phone stand can do.

From 0° to 90°, Majextand M’s massive tilt range and height adjusting segments provide appropriate optimal angles and heights for different situations. With this innovative design, you will never need to hunch over your screen due to limited angle options from typical device stands.

We believe everyone is perfect and beautiful in their own way. With Majextand M and its massive tilt range, you can look better in any photo. No need to stretch your neck, push your chin forward or struggle with your poses, simply lock into the best angle with Majextand M and get a perfect shot! Lights and angles are just as important for video calls and live streaming as they are for group photos and selfies. No matter who you are, a digital nomad that participates in many online meetings, an influencer needing to interact with followers, or simply someone who wants to video chat with friends, Majextand M will allow you to look good at all times.

Swiping and staring at digital devices can be exhausting, not to mention the serious neck/eye injuries wrong postures may lead to. With its easy-to-adjust design, Majextand M saves you from your sedentary lifestyle and protects your neck from potential harms. Adjust the height and angle for a healthier posture!

Normally, you need to buy one stand for your iPhones, another one for your tablets, and more for your other devices. Well… from now on, you’ll just need one Majextand M for everything. Compatible with numerous devices such as Kindles, Switches, iPhones, iPads, Galaxys… etc.

A second is all you need to change between devices. 

With Majextand M, you can switch from vertical mode to landscape mode in seconds and view contents instantly in the most comfortable way possible. 

Unlike other phone stands that force you to lower your neck to see the phone screen while working on your computer, when fully expanded, Majextand M raises up to 12cm, elevating your phones and tablets up to the height of a Mac screen. This clever design makes seamless multitasking truly possible and will definitely optimize your working routines.

There are times when you need to take photos of yourself and other people, and there’s never anyone around. Majextand allows you to set your phone on any surface without having to hold it up. Eliminating the need of having someone to take the picture for you, so that everyone in your group can get in the picture.  

Are you tired of the device stands with low product reliability? Our stainless steel makes Majextand M thin, yet durable after folding 30,000+ times.

Phone stands are something we use every day. You will probably tuck it away in your backpack along with your keys and other gadgets, slide it into your pockets, or leave it on the rugged ground when you’re trying to take a great selfie. Majextand M is designed to withstand all the daily grinds of any environment.

  • Aesthetic & Functional

Majextand M is not only designed for people that are into the mechanism and well-designed industrial-grade gadgets, but it’s also perfect for people who seek and desire simple minimalistic design. With the sleek metal surface, the precise adjusting segments, and the reinforced structures combined, show your good taste with Majextand M.

  • Built To Withstand Everyday Use

Made of stainless steel and has passed countless durability tests, Majextand M is not only a reliable companion for your daily life but also durable to withstand everyday usage.

  • Carefully Designed To Stand Strong

We all remember the time when you accidentally knocked over your phone and sent it crashing to the floor. Such despair! Majextand M makes sure that these tragedies won’t happen again. Our design provides the best protection to all your digital devices and offers you the best phone-using experience. 

  • Foldable, Paper-thin

Majextand M can raise up to the perfect optimal height while being thin enough to easily fit into your pockets and purses. Despite being strong, sturdy, and metal-fabricated, Majextand M is completely portable, foldable, and easy to carry. 

All you need to do is simply apply one patented adhesive docking sheet to each of your portable devices, and Majextand M can hold all of them, allowing you to easily switch between devices. The docking sheet certainly plays an important role in making Majextand M extraordinary. Traditional ways of attaching a phone/tablet stand usually require it to be glued to the device, making it hard to remove. The docking sheet of Majextand M can be removed easily without leaving unpleasant marks and scratches to your devices, while still being strong enough to withstand all the pulling and tearing. Leaves no residue on devices. Water wash, good as new. Functional after stand detachment.

Majextand M comes in three different colors, Black, Silver, and Rose gold. 

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