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Marsback | A 75% Fully Customizable RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Marsback, A 75% Fully Customizable RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Limitless High-performance Customization combining 16.8M RGB Lights For Your Gaming, Visual And Tactile Experience.

Mechanical is a matter of feel, if you’re a gamer or someone who does a lot of typing, you would probably enjoy the precise action and audible confirmation from every tap. Marsback is an 84-key full-sized mechanical keyboard that is designed to allow everyone to take advantage of the super tactile experience. With dual connectivity for Mac, Windows, and Android lovers, Marsback’s outstanding performance and unique design make it stand out from another brand, giving you an experience like no other.

Marsback, A 75% Fully Customizable RGB Mechanical Keyboard


Durability and aesthetic appealing are not contradictory. Marsback uses CNC’d Polycarbonate base simply for the wonderful aesthetic and lack of tooling costs. Each keyboard is a piece of art, it is engraved, assembled, and finished by hand, a translucent opaline Polycarbonate top with nice-looking beveled edges. Surface-mounted RGB backlight LEDs light effect all way round, giving you a good light-show while typing or gaming.

Marsback Switch

For mechanical keyboards, switches are the most important part of the entire keyboard. In order to better control the keystrokes and bounce sound, Marsback designed its own switch, light and short on touch. The trigger reaction is as low as 1ms, and the noise control during pressing is relatively great.

Double Lubrication Switches

They lubricated the switch’s mandrel and the connection of the spring to make the switch rebound smoother.

Marsback, A 75% Fully Customizable RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Hot- swappable switches

The Marsback switch is also HOT-SWAPPABLE, which allows you to change any other switch by clicking it into place and pull them out without ever needing to touch a soldering gun.  The ease of installation and removal is one of the big draws you would appreciate with a hot-swappable mech keyboard.

Dark / White pudding / Sakura pink

Marsback M1 mechanical keyboard comes along with 3 versions of keycaps. The versions are compatible with Marsback and most mechanical keyboards which you can replace your own keycaps to use.

OEM Profile Keycaps

Adopted PBT transparent keycap, brings out a good effect of RGB light transmission. By using ergonomic gradient design, rising the height of about ⅔ from the random keycap in the market. Marsback is comfortable to type on, reducing strain by keeping your wrists at more comfortable, natural positions. Their typing test result also shows that the design can even increase the average typing speed by 5%.

Marsback, A 75% Fully Customizable RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Marsback Pro Software

The M1 uses Marsback Pro software to control the keyboard settings, it has a simple, easy-to-know layout with a variety of personalization options. For example, you can record your own custom macros, adjust the response speed, set up game profiles, and create your own lighting effects.

Larger onboard storage

With Marsback M1 keyboard, you can remap all the keys, set up lighting modes, shortcut-keys and macros on the keyboard, without the aid of any software. The large keyboard onboard storage allows you to store 2 custom profiles from the software, which are saved on-board. For example, by making a macro and plugging the keyboard into the laptop. It will retain the same light mode and same macro.

Marsback, A 75% Fully Customizable RGB Mechanical Keyboard

The combination of software and mechanical keyboards allows players to adjust the appearance and performance of the keyboards through software to suit their favorite games, genres, and style.

Limitless customization of RGB backlights

Besides the 84 (North Facing) LED lights on the switch, they specially designed 21 extra ground lights on the bottom of Marsback.  M1 has a 16.8M color full-covered RGB backlight, 360° surrounded with 9 default effects via the onboard system.

105 fully customizable RGB LED Lights

Feel free to design your own RGB effects with any color combination on the software, or just change around their default effects without software support. Dual-system controlled which allows you to customize different lighting effects in every single part of the keyboard.

Rhythm with Marsback

However, for PC gamers, simple RGB effects aren’t the only things available, if you want you can get yourself a full RGB gaming setup. For Marsback M1, they chose to enable audio visualization. The Audio visualization program converts all the audio signals into a beautiful audio equalizer lighting effect by separating the low, middle, and high notes. Offering a greater immersion with dynamic lighting effects when gaming.

Marsback, A 75% Fully Customizable RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Connect Up To 3 Devices

Designed for versatility, Marsback connects via 5.1 Bluetooth or with a Type-C cable. It is perfectly compatible with all operating systems (OS) from Mac/iOS to Android to Windows and can be connected with up to three devices at once.

Smart Sleep Mode

By default, Marsback M1 will automatically goes to Smart Sleep Mode after 10 minutes of inactivity under Bluetooth mode. Or, press and hold “fn” + “K” for 5 seconds to enter the smart sleep mode by yourself. And press the “Space” button to wake up your keyboard easily.

When you press the FN key on the keyboard, all available shortcut keys will light up at the same time. There are more than 20+ shortcut keys that are defaulted, and don’t forget to try out your own shortcut keys setting, longer usage time for the user-friendly driver interface.

Marsback, A 75% Fully Customizable RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Mac Layout Multimedia Keys

For MacBook users, they provide Mac multimedia keys and two special shortcut keys “Open Finder” and “Quick screenshot”(Only for Dark & Pink version keycaps). Marsback M1 is the best keyboard for gaming and also boosts your productivity.

Extra 3 Keycaps for Mac Layout

They support both Windows and Mac OS, the appropriate keycaps are in the box, please find and replace them with the following keycaps.

Large Battery Capacity

Inside the keyboard, you’ll find a powerful 32-bit MCU, 128K SRAM, and a Nordic N52810 Bluetooth chip for low latency. The large 6,000mAh battery gives you up to two months of use on a single charge without using the LEDs. In wireless mode with full RGB effects, the battery life ensures the M1 lasts around 12+ hrs with a single charge.

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