Mindnap | Your Portable Meditation Assistant

A better way to improve focus, deal with anxiety and insomnia.

Meditation is beneficial to the brain in multiple ways. It has revolutionized how people view spiritual well-being in the 21stcentury. Many who practice fail to notice visible changes in themselves within a short period of time, which is primarily why a lot of people give up so easily. The good news is – we have discovered a brand new, foolproof, and effective way to learn and practice meditation!

Mindnap is the first ever portable meditation device. With its vibration and visual feedback functions, Mindnap allows you to meditate with ease – anytime, anywhere.

Even if you’re totally new to the world of meditation, you’ll able to grasp the techniques of meditation and experience notable changes within minutes. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how Mindnap helps you enhance yourself and your wellbeing!

Mindnap will guide your breathing through vibration intensity. 

Inhale when the vibrations become stronger and exhale when they become softer. This guided intuition provides you with a clear navigation point. Your mind will find its way like a boat finding the shore amidst the roaring sea.

Mindnap’s vibrating frequency can be adjusted or switched off manually. From there, you will be able to set up and follow a simple and easy to follow guide that keeps you on track without losing your breath or rhythm.

While meditating, the biosignal sensor embedded inside Mindnap will continuously monitor your meditation stage and physical status accurately. All data will then be transferred to your phone via Bluetooth, analyzed by our unique algorithm and converted to visual feedback.

It’s For Everyone:  Mindnap is suitable for anyone who is interested in meditation. It is ideal for beginners who are eager to learn. To those who are no stranger to meditation, Mindnap provides guidance based on your data, enabling you to reach higher and deeper levels of focus and relaxation.

Our app features a clean, minimalistic yet stylishinterface. Anyone interested in meditation can embark on a wonderful journey toward the peak of the health and wellness summit with Mindnap.

The app includes meditation and breathing exercises, as well as audio lessons. Whichever you go with, Mindnap will help you better navigate your physical and mental state!

Breathing Training:Breathing training is a simple way to practice meditation. After choosing a mode, Mindnap will guide your breathing through its unique vibration patterns. Your brain and mental state will be improved within 3-5 minutes.

Meditation Lessons:Apart from vibration patterns, our guided meditation audios experiences information for you to learn more about meditation. Appealing to both hearing and touch, Mindnap brings you one of the most immersive meditation experiences ever. All content are free to access. 

Tracks Your Progress:Mindnap allows you to track your own meditation progress so you can easily set up future training plans.

There is only one button on the Mindnap device, which is the On/Off switch. 

When life gets stressful or hectic, you can use the dedicated solo mode to engage in breathing exercises even when the device and app are not connected. Simply place a finger on the Mindnap device to get started.

You can set your designated vibration duration and frequency for solo Mode so you can use Mindnap during any short but chill full period of time.

Weighing barely 100g, Mindnap is a pocket-sized device that is lighter than an iPhone. It is small enough to lie in your hands like a jade stone, and can be easily carried with you throughout your day in your pockets, handbag, or backpack.

By liaising with professional medical organizations, Mindnap is able to monitor your heart rate and breathing data with a 97% accuracy with an embedded ECG sensor. You’ll be able to keep track of your progress and AI algorithm-generated meditation data on your smartphone. 

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