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MINI MilkTea Mug | Take the Tea Shop Home

MINI MilkTea Mug - Take the Tea Shop Home

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Do you still go to the local bubble tea shops to get milk tea? It’s costly and probably you often have to wait in long queues. Make your very own milk tea anywhere with TeaMug MINI. It’s easy, economic, and healthy as well!

Apart from making milk tea, you can also make milk foam, coffee, or tea. One cup with numerous uses, meeting all your drink requirements.

What type of beverage do you want to make? Bubble milk tea, sugar milk tea, latte, mocha, coffee, black tea, fruit tea, and many more. With TeaMug MINI, even a newbie can make an excellent cup of tea or coffee!

MINI MilkTea Mug - Take the Tea Shop Home

Just put the milk right into the TeaMug MINI and place the loosened tea leaves or tea bag right into the infuser. Shut the lid, choose the mod, and start. It’ll stop instantly once the procedure is completed which only takes 9 mins. Imitating the pour-over tea developing technique, makes the milk tea taste extra smooth, tasty, and silky. Auto-stop with the heating of milk to 85 ° C, to lock in milk nutrition.

Includes a straw hole and stainless-steel straw as well, you can also make use of TeaMug MINI as a cup that you can consume drink directly from it at any moment anywhere. Make drinking while on-the-go very easy and simple.

Include boba pearls to your preference, and a perfect cup of bubble tea is here. You can even use TeaMug MINI to make caramel milk tea, dessert milk tea, or whatever you like! Just use your creative imagination to make your own preferred milk tea!

MINI MilkTea Mug - Take the Tea Shop Home

TeaMug MINI is not just a regular milk tea machine, it is additionally an ultra-soft foam maker. It produces super-rich, velvety, and also creamy milk foam for your tea or coffee within 150 secs. With TeaMug MINI, you can make all sorts of beverages at home and save your budget.

Tea is a healthy, popular warm delicious beverage. TeaMug MINI is additionally great for brewing tea. Select the Tea mode and the water will be heated to 100°C in 7 minutes. Place the loosened tea leaves in the infuser and steep in the water for the perfect timing. Tea leaves can be separated from the water while drinking your tea. Black tea, green tea, white tea, fragrant tea, organic tea, or fruit tea – All in one.

5 settings but not just 5 drinks. According to the operation concept of each mode, you can blend as many of various sorts of drinks as you want.

MINI MilkTea Mug - Take the Tea Shop Home

Make Milk and Oats with Tea Mug MINI.

TeaMug MINI embraces electro-magnetic turning as opposed to motor stirring, which substantially lowers its operating sound. Do not hesitate to make on your own a cup of tea in the workplace or in the evening without disturbing others.

The detachable style makes every part of the mug easy to clean. The stirring component and the bottom of the mug are magnetically connected, which makes them extremely simple to dismantle, clean, and put back together.

TeaMug MINI contains 350ml capacity in volume, enough for one-person consumption. Aid to decrease food waste and protect the environment. Additionally, this cup dimension is great for carrying around.

MINI MilkTea Mug - Take the Tea Shop Home

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