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Mundus Pro – Last Sanitizing Device You Will Ever Need

Mundus Pro by Einova - a Sanitizing Device on the table

Sanitizing Accessories Tray and Fast Qi Wireless Charging Dock. Certified effective. Designed in Italy.

Meet Mundus Pro by Einova. It’s the only UV-C sanitizing device certified effective by the EPA and Intertek, one of the most authoritative independent labs in the world. 

Mundus Pro is also a Qi-certified fast wireless charging dock capable of charging three of your devices at once. 

Founded in 2012, Einova has 150 international patents and a long, proven track record of delivering high quality electronic goods from our research and design lab in Modena, Italy. 

 Certified UV-C sanitizer 

Sanitize your phone in less time than you need to drink a cup of coffee. Begin the 8-minute cleaning cycle by pressing the touch-sensitive button. LED indicator lights show you the progression at a glance. In a rush? Remove your items after only 4 minutes — at this point, the sanitization is already substantially completed. 

Mundus Pro immediately turns off the UV-C light whenever the lid is opened, so your eyes will always remain shielded from its effects.

Mundus Pro’s inner sanitizing chamber has space for multiple items: two phones at the same time, sunglasses, watches, AirPods, personal protective masks, or anything else that fits.

The textured bottom ensures that the UV-C light has access from every possible angle, with no need to flip or rotate the items inside. 

Multi-device fast wireless charging dock

Charge up to three devices simultaneously via the wireless charging spots and the USB-A Quick Charge port. The two 10W fast wireless charging spots with fast charging algorithms are Qi-certified by the Wireless Power Consortium, so you can trust that your devices will charge safely, reliably, and at twice the speed versus standard wireless charging for compatible devices. 

The 18W USB-A Quick Charge port is perfect for your Apple Watch charging puck or any other USB-A device. 

Sleek personal organizer

Ideal for your desk, home entryway or nightstand, Mundus Pro keeps all your most important personal items organized. Minimalist, functional, and Designed in Italy.

It’s all thanks to the 4 Layers of Protection — the most comprehensive sanitizing system available in a UV-C device. And it’s exclusive to Mundus Pro. 

Layer 1: Two UV-C lamps

UV-C light breaks down hazardous organic genetic material. Mundus Pros’s UV-C lamps are precision tuned to the peak biocidal wavelength of 254 nm.

 Layer 2: Four UV-C LEDs 

Not all organisms are most effectively targeted at 254 nm. Mundus Pro targets those  outside the biocidal wavelength peak with its UV-C LEDs, tuned to 275 nm. 

This dual UV-C lamp / UV-C LED wavelength mix exerts immense light pressure inside the chamber — over 4W of pressure total. 

Together with ozone and titanium dioxide, this translates to an optimized sanitizing environment. 

Layer 3: Ozone 

Naturally produced by the UV-C LEDs. The UV-C light pressure transforms the oxygen in the air O2 molecules into ozone (O3) molecules.

This small and human-safe amount of ozone works by oxidizing and weakening cell walls. Eventually, the walls rupture, causing the immediate death of the cells. 

Layer 4: Titanium dioxide 

The interior sanitizing chamber is coated with titanium dioxide (TiO2), a photocatalytic agent that speeds up and boosts the efficacy of the UV-C light and the ozone.

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