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nanoSprayer | The Smallest Refillable Cologne/Perfume Sprayer

nanoSprayer- The Smallest Refillable Cologne/Perfume Sprayer

Stay Attractive! Wear Your Favorite Fragrance Anytime Anywhere.

Everyone likes to smell good, especially before a date or a meeting, but often people simply forget to wear cologne and don’t have the perfume around them to use.

Introducing the nanoSprayer, the Tiny Cologne / Perfume Refillable Sprayer – the solution to your smelling-good needs.

nanoSprayer The Smallest Refillable Cologne Perfume Sprayer

Stay attractive anytime anywhere and never forget to bring it with you again.

Its tiny size allows you to carry it everywhere easily. You can carry it in your pocket, or attach it to your keys, or just hang it on your bag. It looks good in every way!

It will never Shatter! 100% Metal Made

Different from most of the glass-made perfume/cologne bottles on the market. nanoSprayer is 100% Metal Made, which makes it extremely durable, so you can stay attractive in all kinds of scenarios.

nanoSprayer The Smallest Refillable Cologne Perfume Sprayer

The Gold one is made of Titanium Surfaced Stainless Steel, and the Silver one is made of Stainless Steel.

With its capless design, you will never lose your cap again.

The sleek and smooth opening mechanism, so you can open it with style and effortlessly.

Extra rubber stopper is added for a leak-proof feature, after testing it out for a couple of months, it never leaks even a single drip!

nanoSprayer The Smallest Refillable Cologne Perfume Sprayer

The refill way is so simple – adapting nozzle is included with each nanoSprayer, it fits any kind of perfume which allows you to fill in easily and no leaking!

Multiple Way to Use

Since most of us have more than one kind of fragrance, one for work that makes you smell appealing but not too intense, and one for a date that makes you smell irresistible.

Their recommendation is to own 2+ nanoSprayer, so you can switch between them as you wish.

nanoSprayer The Smallest Refillable Cologne Perfume Sprayer

Different Fragrance: For Work & For Dating

Have you ever realized you forgot to wear perfume/cologne, but you already left the house? You have a date soon, but the fragrance on you is already worn out and you don’t have the cologne/perfume around you.

Well, these problems happen to everybody all the time. Sometimes you would even rush home after work just to wear the perfume before a date.

Therefore, after addressing that issue, they were trying to find a travel size perfume or a nice refillable perfume sprayer, but after using some of them they only found some pain points – leak easily, you have to carry it separately, way too fragile, most of them are made of glass.  Their goal is to beat all the pain points they have experienced and far more.

nanoSprayer The Smallest Refillable Cologne Perfume Sprayer

Their goal is to use long-lasting materials and reuse the left-overs from production to create less waste.

Made of durable material, designed to last, leak-proof, and has maximum portability – what’s not to love about!

They hope to create a new habit, for the sake of the environment

nanoSprayer The Smallest Refillable Cologne Perfume Sprayer

Every year people generate about 120 million tons of glass. However, we are only able to recycle 4.2% of those. Therefore, the only thing we can do is to decrease the usage of the glass-made products, in this case specifically Travel Size Perfume Bottles.

They want to help people develop a habit that stops them from buying one-time used perfume bottles, or at least travel-size ones, and start purchasing the bigger sized ones. In this case, not only you can decrease the excessive usage of glass-made products, but also save some money since the larger size has a lower price.

With their nanoSprayer, every year you can save 12 travel size bottles, and save around US$250 per year!

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