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Optimo | Thick Grips With Anatomical Support Wing

Optimo: Thick Grips With Anatomical Support Wing

Make massive upper body gains while reducing injury, pain & discomfort with these 2.25″ wing grips.

Achieve more muscle strength with Optimo Thick Grips – the 2.25″ silicone grips that are anatomically designed to maximize your physical capacity. The helpful wings ease pressure on your wrists and also joints while enhancing your grip strength.

Change daily barbells, dumbbells, cables, and plate-loaded machines right into kinesthetic thick bars that require you to make use of ignored muscle mass and create deep definition.

Optimo Thick Grips With Anatomical Support Wing

Optimo Thick Grips’ contoured shape supports your hold, unlike any other product.

The physiological wing grasp gives you increased surface area for weight circulation, reducing pressure on your joints as well as enabling you to raise more with much less pain.

Your hands support a lot of weight on the bars, placing high pressure on a relatively small grip area when lifting weights. In most cases, this triggers inflammation by squeezing the incredibly delicate ulnar nerve that runs near the base of the hand by the pinky finger. When you enhance weight, the feeling just gets worse.

Optimo Thick Grips With Anatomical Support Wing

With Optimo Thick Grips, your hands stay neutral with the supportive wing cushions and also reduce pressure on your fingers, wrists, elbows, and even shoulder joints!

These 2.25″ grips send your muscular tissues right into overdrive by boosting the need on your hands and arms to ensure you higher quality reps. It’s the fastest and simplest method to increase strength and muscle mass while minimizing discomfort when lifting.

To obtain the exact same control that you’re used to on a thicker bar, you require to grip a lot harder. This added pressure on your muscle mass targets your weak spots that basic bars forget.

Optimo Thick Grips With Anatomical Support Wing

Optimo Thick Grips compel your muscle mass to involve stronger than when you do the exact same workout with a basic bar, properly “turning on” the bordering muscle mass.

When you increase the density of a weight-training execution, the demand positioned on your hands and arms boosts substantially.

By working harder to grip the bar in the same exercises, you blow up muscules that you typically ignore and consequently gain maximum, long-lasting stamina. That’s why you can not lift as much as you normally do when you begin using Thick Grips, you can improve your smaller and weaker muscles.

Optimo Thick Grips With Anatomical Support Wing

Raised contraction puts even more stress on your joints and ligaments, which is why Optimo Thick Grips have a license pending “ergonomic wing” that offers you cushioned assistance for a more secure, and more comfortable hold.

None of the various other thick grip products on the market give you the additional assistance required in an optimum pressure setting. They assert to be ergonomically created yet are just a basic cylinder, not naturally adjusting to the form of your hands.

Optimo Grips are made of High-Density Silicone, the toughest, impact-resistant silicone created exclusively for Optimo.

The UV-resistant product has no fillers as well as uses medical-grade white oil as the only plasticizer to comply with the highest purity criteria.

Optimo Thick Grips With Anatomical Support Wing

Optimo Thick Grips were created to fit one of the most typical fitness centers and home gym equipment. Their inside diameter is 1.1 inches (28 mm).

Usually, the grips can be utilized on barbells, dumbbells, plate-loaded machines, and cable attachments. They will not work on equipment with curved handles.

Before using Optimo Grips for the first time, get a feel for them in your hands. Check the right-handed grip in your right hand, so the winged area rests comfortably in your palm. The grips need to feel comfortable when held properly.

Other grips on the marketplace are interchangeable since there’s no specialized support for every hand. Each pair of Optimo Thick Grips has a tailored Left and Right hold.

Optimo Thick Grips With Anatomical Support Wing

Their thick bar grips are made mostly for pressing and pushing motions. However, you’ll see enhancement across all sorts of upper body exercises when training with Optimo, even if it’s not a workout you use Thick Grips on.

Normally, you have to do more reps and sets to get visible results, but with Thick Grips, you’ll instantly notice a major pump in your biceps as well as forearms.

Enhancing your grip promptly adds an edge to your exercise. You’ll struggle to do the very same exercises since the thick hold makes your muscles work double-time without increasing reps or sets.

Give your muscles a reason to develop new tissue by making critical modifications to your training program.

Optimo Thick Grips With Anatomical Support Wing

Using Optimo Thick Grips on approved movements raises your natural hold strength muscles as well as supports your wrists. This training makes you more powerful for your lift and pulls workouts so you can lift more and grip longer without ruining your form.

Optimo Thick Grips produce a barrier between your hands and the bar so you understand precisely what you’re touching.

And also, they’re cleanable so you can effortlessly sanitize them after each session.

Optimo Thick Grips are excellent for lifters with sensitive joints. The neutral hand position (supported by the wing) forces your joints into positioning as all the muscle groups are engaged.

You invest numerous hrs in your health and wellness, fitness, and physique. Meal prepping, protein supplements, soul-crushing workouts, two-a-days, diet plan modifications, diet constraints – there are always more ways to grow.

Optimo Thick Grips With Anatomical Support Wing

At Optimo Fitness Ergonomics, their objective is to assist you to reach your goals faster and much safer.

You can rely on devices that take a 360° approach to health and fitness to give you workouts that are more secure, a lot tougher, and more impactful.

Optimize your workouts with Optimo Thick Grips today!

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