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Polar Plug | Heated Handlebar Grip Inserts For Your Bicycle

Polar Plug: Heated Handlebar Grip Inserts For Your Bicycle

Ride Your Bike Through Winter With Rechargeable Polar Plugs to Give Instant Heat to Your Hands When You Need It!

They’ve developed Polar Plugs for cyclists like YOU in mind. These RECHARGEABLE, warmed plug inserts maintain your hands cozy throughout your cold winter season rides. From the daily traveler bicyclist going to work to the weekend mountain trail warrior, they got you covered!

Are batteries sufficient enough? Will they heat up the hold enough to actually really feel the warmth? They’ve examined their Polar Plugs extensively and can assure that the warmth transferred to the holds is 40 ° C/104 ° F! In rainfall, snow, or extreme cool these plug inserts will make your bike holds good and also toasty – they have a 1-year warranty to support their claim!

Polar Plug: Heated Handlebar Grip Inserts For Your Bicycle

Interchangeable & Guaranteed Fit!

Polar Plugs are created to fit all major manufactured bikes.

Easily change the Polar Plugs in between your bikes without removing grasps or handlebar.

  • Functions with both carbon and aluminum handlebars.
  • Minimum internal bar size is 17.5 mm.
  • Please note: It doesn’t fit ergonomic-style road bars with extra bends in the declines.
  • Durable Rechargeable Battery
  • Usage Time: Get up to 5+ hours on a solitary charge.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Simply plug it in to a computer or wall battery charger (docking set Included).
  • Charge Time: It only takes 2 hours to fully bill each plug.
  • Immediate Heat with The Push of a Button.

Have you ever began a ride and you already have cool hands? No matter just how much you pedal attempting to heat up your hands in your big large gloves, absolutely nothing works. Ditch the gloves due to the fact that Polar Plugs will heat your hold within 15 mins in any kind of temperature level all with the press of a button!

Polar Plug: Heated Handlebar Grip Inserts For Your Bicycle

Meet the team:.

Brandon Lentz – Founder & Avid Mountain Biker.

Enthusiastic hill cyclist with a passion for entrepreneurship and lithium-ion batteries all of a sudden. Staying in Maryland and experiencing cabin fever/COVID quarantine this previous 2020 triggered the suggestion of Polar Plugs!

Nick Immink – Co-Founder & Mountain Biker.

Nick has a passion for hitting the trails whenever he can! Also called the ‘systems guy’ they trust him with finances and maintaining the “technology” end of things held together.

Steven Bailey – Design Engineer & Road Cyclist.

Steve brings his extensive expertise in road cycling to the group. He leverages his engineering prowess to always be improving Polar Plugs! Likewise, he simply completed his very first CENTURY RIDE this previous October!

Polar Plug: Heated Handlebar Grip Inserts For Your Bicycle

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