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PolySmoother ✅ Polish Your Prints The Way They Should

An extremely convenient tool for polishing 3D prints.

PolySmoother is an extremely convenient tool for polishing 3D prints. Choose the right solvent for the model and set a suitable temperature and place the object in the container 5-10 minutes (the time varies depending in the quality of the model and the layer thickness). In vapor smoothing, the solvent will vaporize from heating and then the “vapor” will surround and interact with the surface of the model. Gradually, the surface is dissolved, and when the process is complete, you will be amazed by its whole new look – all the layer lines gone and only a clean and smooth surface finish!

PolySmoother: Polish Your Prints The Way They Should

Whether it is a tiny model, a long object or a big one with a complicated structure, they can be all taken care of by PolySmoother following the instructions. Although PolySmoother is not outstanding in terms of its minimalist appearance, it is certainly stunning when you realize how powerful its features can be.

A patent-pending technology embedded in the machine is that it is capable of keeping the temperature around the 3D print to the same degrees, guaranteeing the same level of vapor interacting with the model and maximizing the polishing effect. This is a significant and powerful feature that can ensure the surface is evenly smooth.

PolySmoother: Polish Your Prints The Way They Should

First, before you start the polishing, make sure you choose the correct solvent.

About Solvents Used:

Through their R&D, and digging on the internet, they found, and they tried, some brand of PLA material will react to Acetone and some don’t, so they are not giving a definite answer for what solvent need to use. So far, they heard so many chemicals that will work on PLA, such as THF and Ethyl Acetate…etc. But here they are only giving recommendations from the result of their researches and experiments.

Second, clean the container with water, make sure there are no residuals left inside. Then, put on any necessary protection if needed, such as gloves, mask… Oh, don’t forget to put PolySmoother away from any flammable objects, and do not smoke, keep it away from children.

PolySmoother: Polish Your Prints The Way They Should

1. Pour in the solvent, we recommend the amount of solvent is about 1 mm thick, just the amount to cover the bottom of the container. For PLA solvent, a little more solvent will give a better finishing.

2. Put the tray in, place the 3D print on the tray. Then, set the time and temperature (use higher temp on PLA), and put the lid on. Turn on the machine by pressing the green power button.

3. After the machine turns on, the solvent will be evaporated, a vapor ‘line’ on the container inner wall goes up, and reaches the top and eventually could the lid glass. When you see the vapor line reach the top, you can turn it off and let it do its work.

4. After the polishing process is done, open the lid and take out the tray to air dry the print. Because their theory of polish is to ‘melt’ the outer layer lines of the print, as a result, DO NOT touch the print before the surface of the print is hardened, otherwise your print will have your fingerprint as an extra.

5. Drying time can be 5-30 mins, depending on the level you have melted (polished) the print, and the material of the print.

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