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Poputar ✅ A Smart Guitar with Free App for Everyone

1st smart guitar with an immersive learning experience. Learn to play guitar like a pro in 10 days.

Poputar has modified the guitar learning journey so that you don’t lose motivation.

Hang on, Rock on! No monotonous and boring practicing session. But rather an enjoyable journey.

  • Extremely Fun Learning Experience 

Unique LED lights synced with the PopuMusic App will allow you to play any song.

Play, repeat, learn and improve daily. 

Just follow the lights on the fingerboard to find the position of left hand, which sync with those in the PopuMusic App which tells when right hand plunking strings

Poputar: A Smart Guitar with Free App for Everyone
  • Learn Faster than Ever!

Our secret is immersive learning experience. Shh! Don’t tell anyone.

Playing guitar is cool but the practice is what really makes you a pro and we have just shortened the time that it will take you to get there.

PopuMusic, the Poputar App, has transformed the learning experience in a unique gamified manner which will keep you entertained, hooked and craving for me.

With the learning by playing settings, you will jam with friends or perform on stage very soon.

  • Real Time Feedback & Guidance 

Choose a song and start to play one note after another at your own pace.

The illuminated fingerboard guides you through every step you’ve made.

The real time guide & feedback loop boosts your personal practice up to the next level. 

The PopuMusic App installed in your phone or tablet sends out the signals in 0.02s, delivering almost no delay experience.

The add-on interactive E-learning courses will walk you through all the fundamentals and troubleshooting anytime you get stuck.

  • Master Basic Guitar Skills in 10 Days

Real record of a girl’s learning journey with her favorite songs

Poputar awakens your inner musician and helps you visualize the invisible through the unique light guidance, smart sound recognition, and interactive gamification App.

Innovations like transformed Bluetooth guitar, fingerboard lighting system accelerate the cycle from a beginner to an expert.

Poputar: A Smart Guitar with Free App for Everyone
  • Illuminating LED Lights Guidance

Poputar makes your practice and learning process enjoyable at every stage with 96 smart LED lights on the fretboard.

Stay focused all the time.

Poputar instantly and wirelessly receives the rhythm signals from your smart devices with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 and displays the fingering on board with LED lights. 

  • Lightweight, Portable

Practice anytime & anywhere.

Poputar’s 36 inches design was designed to perfectly match the human body sizes.

Enjoy your jam session with friends with a long battery life of up to 10 hours of “full illumination” mode.

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