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ProLab Mouse | The Coin Sized All-in-One Control Hub

ProLab Mouse The Coin Sized All-in-One Control Hub

An Intuitive Air Mouse + PPT Controller + Camera Remote + Media Controller + Keyboard for your laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

ProLab Mouse: The Coin Sized All-in-One Control Hub

There’s absolutely nothing like the ProLab Mouse. Without a doubt, they’ve made the tiniest and most innovative control hub on the planet. Weighing only 8g (.3 oz), the ProLab Mouse puts complete control of your smart gadgets right within your reach. This valuable tool for work and play is a combination of an air computer mouse, a key-board as well as a remote PPT/camera/media controller. Making use of Bluetooth technology, the ProLab Mouse immediately connects to most laptops, tablet computers, and mobile phones. This enables you to manage music, video clips, web navigating, and much more. Control the settings at the touch of a switch, and take pleasure in unlimited digital control.

ProLab Mouse: The Coin Sized All-in-One Control Hub

The ProLab Mouse is ultra-compact, weighing only 8g, and is no larger than a Bluetooth earphone. It is simple to hold and even easier to use. With its 360-degree revolved trackball and four clicker buttons, it just takes one hand to manage loads of various features. Once you hold the ProLab Mouse, you’ll ask yourself exactly how you ever lived without it.

The ProLab Mouse includes three different simple settings: Air Mouse mode, Media mode, and Key-board mode. A single touch of the Side Switch allows you to easily switch from one setting to the next.

The ProLab Mouse has all functions of a common computer mouse and also places an end to the search for mousepads and flat solutions. With its pioneering Air Mouse mode, conventional controls end up being an issue of the past. Delight in full motion with the 360-degree trackball. You can also right-click, left-click, scroll, emphasize text, and a lot more. Manage your laptop, tablet, or smartphone from up to 10 meters away – no cables needed.

ProLab Mouse: The Coin Sized All-in-One Control Hub

Media Mode is made to manage your media player, providing you instantaneous access to the most effective functions of your favorite gadgets. Effortlessly play music and video clip or take hands-free pictures. Leave that selfie stick at home! Now you can take picture-perfect photos from any distance. Love to listen to music while you exercise? You can change tracks and volume without needing to touch your gadget.

The exclusive Key-board Setting functions like arrow and “Enter” keys of your laptop. This gives you single-finger control over presentations, videos, records, and a lot more. Search through files or navigate movies from another corner of the room – can’t be easier than that!

The three modes of the ProLab Mouse integrate to make it the most user-friendly digital controller in the world. So tiny to fit on your finger, it offers you instantaneous power to regulate all your smart devices. From conferences and presentations to photography and amusement, whatever you need is just a click away.

ProLab Mouse: The Coin Sized All-in-One Control Hub

The Perfect Presentation Tool

Wanting to give a much more dynamic performance? The ProLab Computer mouse places your whole presentation in the palm of your hand. Turn pages, scroll, and switch documents in seconds! Access media to play videos, adjust volume, and a lot more. Your PPT presentation will certainly be a show stopper, but you’ll never ever have to stop and click your laptop.

A Coin-Sized Selfie Stick

Fed up with those large selfie sticks that still don’t record the moment? The ProLab Mouse has you covered. Now you can get the ideal selfie without the fuss. Simply relocate the mouse to change the focus or lighten the picture. After that set up your phone and click away for very discreet, hands-free wide shots.

ProLab Mouse: The Coin Sized All-in-One Control Hub

Entertainment Without Borders

The ProLab Mouse is a full-service digital controller. Simply connect to your device using Bluetooth to obtain complete control over your home entertainment experience. You’ll never ever require to bother with a remote again.

One Gadget, Multiple Tasks

Thanks to ProLab Mouse’s one-touch feature, you can switch over between several modes to deal with multiple jobs at the same time. Move effortlessly from surfing the web to playing a movie or responding to a phone call – all without having to stand up or switch tools.

ProLab Mouse The Coin Sized All-in-One Control Hub

Exceptional design

Their first idea was to design an intuitive air mouse for laptop computers, tablet computers, and smart devices. The goal was to combine the best things about the Blackberry trackball and the ThinkPad TrackPoint, then streamline and scale down the outcome. However, after checking their new device, they thought they could do better. That’s why they included the Key-board and Media Modes to produce a very effective and functional all-in-one gadget controller.

Currently, you can utilize the ProLab Mouse for company presentations, taking photos, listening to songs, searching the internet, and much more. No matter the occasion, complete control of your smart devices now fits in the palm of your hand.

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