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Respira | The air purifying garden that takes care of itself

Respira - The air purifying garden that takes care of itself

Respira is focused on designing healthier indoor spaces through a connection to nature and improved indoor air quality.

Respira is the air cleansing garden that takes care of itself. A hydroponic smart garden that enhances a plant’s capacity to remove indoor contaminants from your home via the scientific research of biofiltration.

Respira - The air purifying garden that takes care of itself

Breathe Naturally Purified Air

Respira boosts the air quality in your house by drawing air with the plant’s origin area where advantageous bacteria capture and break down toxic substances from the air, in a process called biofiltration.

Minimize Stress

Plants promote mindfulness and enable us to value the little things while likewise having a soothing and refreshing effect on the mind.

Connect with Nature

Naturally, we as humans are driven to connect with nature. Respira is an easy and beautiful way of connecting with the environment

Improve Sleep

The air quality in your bedroom can affect the quality of your sleep. Respira monitors and keeps optimum air quality, so you can breathe and rest easily.

Boost Humidity

Minimize dry air and improve comfort by providing additional humidity to your space.

Respira - The air purifying garden that takes care of itself

Air is actively pulled through the top of the unit, eliminating dirt as well as big particulate matter before passing through the naturally energetic root area. Beneficial microorganisms within the origin area capture and permanently destroy airborne toxins and also chemicals that we would certainly be breathing. Naturally purified air is then launched via the front of the device.

Past air filtration, Respira adds additional humidity, evaporative air conditioning, and a straight link to nature to enhance the comfort of your residence. Respira is also IOT enabled, permitting you to link the system to your house network as well as display plant health and air quality from wherever you are.

For five years they’ve been offering, developing, and building commercial living walls throughout North America. When the pandemic hit, organizations began to slow down, workplaces were no more in use, and they needed to re-adjust their strategy. They changed their emphasis to residential spaces – the spaces individuals were currently spending every minute of their day.

Via the challenge that 2020 presented, they were able to appear into a brand-new market and innovate a domestic air-purifying smart garden.

Respira - The air purifying garden that takes care of itself

The Respira system leverages the knowledge and research of biofiltration and metabolic procedures. Previous study has actually shown that it is possible to reduce volatile organic substance levels with biofiltration (Darlington et al. 2001).

Building off of that, they additionally determined that it was possibly the root zone of plants that provided the energetic reduction through metabolic processes of microorganisms in the root systems. As such, Respira was made to optimize root zone direct exposure to indoor air and also enable the all-natural biological procedures to break down impurities and cleanse the air.

They have partnered with a team of researchers at Ryerson University in Toronto Canada to examine the Respira system and supply a third-party analysis on the performance and specifics of how Respira works.

The research study at Ryerson is still in its preliminary stages, however what has actually been recognized thus far is that the preliminary outcomes of Respira’s ability to remove VOC contaminates are in line with previous research study.

European distribution is provided by Planting Power.

They are extremely pleased with their supply chain and are certain that they can deliver a top-quality product. They’ve worked to establish solid relationships with their vendors and providers to ensure that they have a trustworthy supply chain and the ability to provide a top-quality product.

Respira - The air purifying garden that takes care of itself

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