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Run-Up | High-Performance Wireless Open Ear Audio Headband

Run-Up’s open ear design & direct sound technology provides rich audio without distracting you from your surroundings during workouts!

So comfortable, you won’t realize you have it on!

Super Secure Fit – Never Fall Out 

Keep your sound-wear in place during even the most intense workouts. 

Can be aware of ambient sounds, such as the sound of motor vehicles or some sudden dangers. 

The built-in directional guide delivers the direct sound waves to user, while the air vent works to decrease the presence of pervasive sounds around users.  

At first, we sought out multiple speakers with different structures before designing the audio system for Run-Up. Our 16mm driver provides rich and abundant audio experience due to the synergistic interaction between primary sound hole, bass port and the air vent.   

The bass port enhances low frequency sound through the base reflect system, and the air vent controls mid frequency sound by maintaining the most appropriate sound pressure. As a result, these are compounded to produce a harmonious sound effect.

Slim & Non-slip

We designed the main frame with a thin form in mind, and added a silicone pad to the points of contact with the user’s skin to ensure a fixed, comfortable fit. 

Flexible & Comfortable Fit

Our headband is made from a specific type of fabric that has high tensile strength, but is also extremely soft. We wouldn’t be at all surprised if you ended up forgetting that you were wearing the RUN-UP. 

Fit For All Head Sizes

The flexibility of the RUN-UP headband allows it to be classified as “One Size Fits All” 

Absorption, Drying, Cooling

RUN-UP headband is manufactured with sweat absorbent and drying material that works around the clock to cool you even during the hottest days. 

Sweat free.

RUN-UP keeps you sweat away with its IPX4 waterproof rating. 

Keep it fresh. 

RUN-UP device and band are easy to detach, so that you can easily wash the headband anytime you want.

Integrated dual microphone system in RUN-UP. 

This mic system reduces echo & noise to provide you with clear sound during phone calls. 

Partner : Global Consumer Battery Company Varta®

Equipped with Varta® Battery, Run-up has greater stability and bigger capacity than other open-ear headphones, and allows you to enjoy music for up to 5 hours.

With magnets built in both Run-up and charger, devices can be easily connected to charger. 

Partner : Global Telecommunication Company Qualcomm®  

While a new generation of Qualcomm® bluetooth chipset, each device pairs with powerful Bluetooth 5.0 TWS(True Wireless Stereo) technology. 

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