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Segway eMoped C80 | The First Smart eBike by Segway

Smart Seating Detection | RideyGo! Smart System | 52.8 Miles Range | Anti-Theft | Auto-Lock Mode

*The Segway eMoped C80 is a moped-style electric bike. No license is required in most states in the US. Please refer to local laws and regulations for license requirements.

Simplify your ride with the Segway eMoped C80. Convenient and easy to use, it has a top speed of 20 mph and 52.8 miles range. The RideyGo! intelligent system has powerful sensors that detect when you are leaving and automatically locks the vehicle in 3 seconds. Take comfort in knowing your eMoped is always safe and secure after each ride.

The RideyGo! Intelligent System includes an array of new functions such as the Airlock System, NFC Tag, Smart Seat Detection, and Auto-Lock Mode. Get ready for an easy ride with cutting-edge smart features.

Say goodbye to your keys and ride with just your smartphone. With the AirLock system, you can unlock the eMoped C80 with just a tap on your phone via the Segway-Ninebot App. Once the vehicle is connected to the Segway-Ninebot app, the eMoped C80 will automatically identify its owner by recognizing the app when the smartphone is near the vehicle. Start your journey by sitting on the seat and releasing the kickstand.

The Segway eMoped C80 comes with two NFC Tags. Simply swipe the NFC Tag above the dashboard to lock and unlock the vehicle. It’s that simple.

Just sit on the seat and start driving with Smart Seat Detection. Equipped with intelligent sensors under the seat and an electric handlebar lock, the vehicle will lock itself within 3 seconds of leaving the seat. Like the AirLock System and Auto-Lock Mode, you can lock or unlock the eMoped C80 with Smart Seat Detection. To ensure the safety of our riders, the smart feature will only be activated when the driver is properly seated. Otherwise, if no movement has been detected, the eMoped C80 will not be ready to ride, even if you twist the throttle.

When Auto-Lock Mode is activated, your smart vehicle assistant will automatically lock the eMoped C80 within 3 seconds of you stepping down from the vehicle. You can even customize the Auto-Lock Timer via the Segway-Ninebot app.

The newly designed 1152 Wh lithium-ion battery can take you on a long journey of up to 52.8 miles range on a single charge. The detachable battery can also be removed in a snap with a weight of just 13.2 lbs.

Take a break and enjoy your adventures with auto cruise. To activate the auto cruise, simply press the multi-functional button located on the right side of the vehicle and select your desired speed.

Your eMoped C80 will remain at a constant speed without you having to hold onto the handlebar at all times.

If Auto Cruise is enabled via the Segway-Ninebot app, C80 will maintain the same speed after riding at a constant speed for 5 seconds. You can release the throttle when the blue light is on. If Auto Cruise is not app enabled, you can still activate it by pressing the multi-function button.

Aided by GPS, you can track the eMoped C80 at any time and have notifications sent directly to your phone.

With the double security system of GPS and LBS, you can track the location of your vehicle and get the latest travel status.

The eMoped C80’s smart security system detects any irregular movements and sends notifications to your smartphone within seconds to give you peace of mind. After your C80 is locked, any unusual actions such as pushing, moving or accessing the vehicle will trigger the alarm system.

The C80 comes with four built-in anti-theft mechanisms when it’s parked and locked.

1. Visual Alarm

The lights of the handlebars will alternatingly flash red and green;

2. Auditory Alarm

The alarm will sound;

3. Move Obstruction

The wheels will lock after 3 to 4 seconds;

4. Alert Notification

A message will be sent to the rider’s phone reporting the unusual action and its current location.

With disk of light we see as halo, the LED handlebar lights send color coded messages to ensure all communiction between you and your eMoped C80.

The LED dashboard updates all information and the status of your journey at a glance.

The eMoped C80 LED front halo-shaped headlight consists of an inner and outer ring light. An ambient light sensor has been placed in the headlight, which allows it to adjust the brightness to the environment. Starting at dusk, the headlight will light up, providing you better visibility during your ride. The light defaults on low and then adjusts to the light, so as not to overwhelm the user when it’s first switched on.

With the exception of the left button for the vehicle horn, all other operations can be enabled with the multi-function button on the right side of the vehicle.

The throttle and brake are also located on the right handlebars.

The electric bike is equipped with premium features on the front disc and rear drum brakes to ensure your safety during sudden halts, and elevate your riding experience.

The EABS system (Electric Absorption Braking System) recycles energy from the drum brake. The energy recovery mechanism stores the unused kinetic energy until it is needed, enabling better endurance along the way.

The front suspension fork and the middle-segmented spring suspension provides a cushier ride on rougher roads. Along with the specially designed wide tires, you can ride as comfortably as you like.

When riding, the suspension absorbs all shocks on different types of terrains to ensure a safe and  bump-free ride.

Weighing 121lbs and measuring in at less than 5.3ft, the vehicle can be taken effortlessly into elevators and other small areas.

Monitoring the condition of your vehicle has never been easier. Pair your eMoped C80 with the Segway-Ninebot app in 3 easy steps and control your experience with a simple tap.

AirLock System: Your phone is the key. The C80 will be ready to power on when you get close to the vehicle.

Auto-Lock: Customize the timer between 1,3,5 and 10 seconds to lock your C80. Once the Auto-Lock is activated, the bike will automatically lock within the preset countdown.

Power Assist: With Power Assist, you can use the throttle to release full acceleration power on the road.

Auto Cruise: Auto Cruise can be activated or deactivated via the Segway-Ninebot App. After you have driven at the same speed for 5 seconds, the auto cruise is activated to maintain the desired speed. To deactivate the function, tap the “Auto Cruise” button and as soon as it is off, the button turns grey.

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