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Serafim S1 | A multi-platform gaming controller on the go

The Bluetooth gamepad brings your gaming experience to the next level.

The Fun, Easy Way to Master All Kinds of Video Games!

The Serafim Bluetooth Dongle is compatible with 10 platforms and devices: Android / Windows 10 / Nintendo Switch / Steam / Google Stadia / Epic Games / BlueStacks / NoxPlayer / / PPSSPP

Serafim also has macros and button-mapping features for Android phones.

All gamers have different playstyles. All phones have the same flat screen. Serafim feels you. Time to bring your A-game to your phone! 

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Record your button and move combos to automate your tasks and rack up the prizes you want!

Customize your own button layout for any genre and playstyle!

S1 has 2 joysticks and 12 buttons, including ABXY and trigger buttons that you can map to the virtual buttons on your phone’s screen to create a custom controller!

  •  Ergonomic Silicone Cover 

Each gamepad includes a silicone gel cover that relieves muscle tension in your fingers.

  •  Telescopic Stretch Design 

The telescopic stretch design works for both vertical and horizontal screens. S1 makes sure you can play any game any way.

  •  Lightweight & Portable 

Weighs less than 7 oz. and is small enough to fit in your pocket. Take Serafim S1 with you to play your favorite mobile games wherever you are!

The Serafim Play app has optimized button mapping stored for the most popular mobile games, like PUBGM, Injustice 2, and Mario Kart Tour. Just load your favorite games from the home page and follow the visualized guide‎—that’s it!

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