SHUNZAO | Hair Self-Cutting Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Hair-cutting Tech | 190AW Suction Power | Replaceable Battery | A Variety Of Different Attachments

SHUNZAO MOW (Z12 Pro) is the world’s first lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner with hair self-cutting technology, bringing you the first-rate cleaning power to fulfill all your cleaning needs. The 5-layer filter system properly improves the filtering without minimizing the air movement and shedding suction, saves you from purchasing additional filter substitute. Remember they intend to provide the cleansing remedy for the issue that torments you for years, as opposed to selling accessories. SHUNZAO MOW (Z12 Pro) features multi-functional accessories for carpetings, bedding, car seats and edges, etc., easily clean anywhere you need! Save your effort and time! It has an advanced LCD screen display that monitors system efficiency as well as reveals available power, suction, and clog reports in real-time.

SHUNZAO: Hair Self-Cutting Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Long human or pet hair quickly gets twisted around the typical brush roll while it is rotating, which will harm the brush roll. The cutting hair design license of SHUNZAO MOW (Z12 Pro) is geared up with flat opposed blades that can cut twisted hair quickly and effectively. It stops long human and pet hair from twisting around the roller as well as obstructing the hose. SHUNZAO laboratory has actually introduced the initial hair self-cutting cordless vacuum cleaner after 4 years of study and repetitively testing more than 7,000 kilometers of hair.

There is a set of “scissors” on their roller brush which cuts and sucks all the hair debris anytime and anywhere.

The 190AW ultra-strong suction power offers much more complete and effective cleansing. It produces an optimum of 27,500 PA suction power which is much more effective in getting rid of persistent dirt and crud that are hidden away in your carpets as well as difficult corners, in between pieces of furniture, under your bed, and so on.

The blocking of filters, as well as other usual vacuum cleaner troubles, can lead to low vacuum suction power. Cyclone suction entails spinning air at an extremely high speed up to 145,000 RPM per minute to separate dirt from the air movement before it gets anywhere near the filters, then tosses dirt and dust out of the airflow and into the collection bin. This technology does not block and lower suction so you don’t even have to change the filter, however, it’ll still keep the highest efficiency and cleaning performance constantly.

SHUNZAO: Hair Self-Cutting Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This SHUNZAO MOW (Z12 Pro)’s original 3-in-1 brush roller conveniently cleans and works well on different flooring types: low pile carpetings, long pile carpet, hardwood flooring, tile and marble, and so on, leaving no dirt behind.

A high-performance lithium battery supplies approximately 65 minutes of effective suction while in the standard mod, covering an estimated location of 400 square meters. The battery can last up to 20 mins while the vacuum remains in max mode, offering sufficient operating power to deep-clean your home. Furthermore, an intelligent power monitoring system makes sure the battery is utilized to its complete ability each time.

Wall-mounted charging base, saving you great deals of space.

The SHUNZAO MOW (Z12 Pro) features several helpful tools including the crevice tool, 3-in-1 brush, flat nozzle brush roller, mite cleaner brush, and various other exchangeable add-ons. All are really easy to use and mount. It substantially helps to reduce storage area as well as clean much more areas around the house. From a wooden floor with crevices, car seat gaps, to the hard-to-reach corners, Z12 Pro will do it all for you!

Want to go out with your children? Z12 Pro can easily get all that dirt and particles made by the children spilling snacks or unclean little feet filled with mud.

SHUNZAO MOW (Z12 Pro) is geared up with a built-in electric mite elimination brush that can deeply cleanse the carpet, curtain, bed mattress, bed linen, and deep layers to eliminate dust mites. Offering one of the most efficient services to maintain your residence tidy and keep allergies under control.

SHUNZAO: Hair Self-Cutting Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The filter is incredibly easy to disassemble and can also be cleaned and dried directly.

Various sorts of floorings have different requirements for daily cleaning. In order to better adapt to numerous situations, SHUNZAO MOW (Z12 Pro) offers 3 suction levels. You can switch over the suction level by pushing the button. The current suction degree can be discovered in real-time as well as visible on the LCD display.

Embrace the 5-layer HEPA filtering system to filter dust and any kind of ultra-fine airborne particles with a dimension of 0.3 microns ( µm) to guarantee that the exhaust air is clean and pollution-free.

One-hand operation with simply a click and the dirt cup will automatically turn up 4cm away to drive dirt deep into your bin in a second. There is no need to touch the dust which keeps the dirt far from your face.

When dirt goes into the vacuum at high speed, it rubs against the inner wall of the vacuum cleaner and the roller brush, etc. to produce static electrictricity. As the material of the vacuum cleaner itself has a specific level of insulation, the produced static electricity can not be released. For that reason, SHUNZAO has created a built-in electrostatic diversion tool to effectively release static electricity. It can efficiently get rid of the static electricity that causes discomfort to the human body, and at the same time reduce the condition of dust and debris being attracted to the dust cup as a result of static electricity.

SHUNZAO MOW (Z12 Pro) is easy to use by man, ladies, and even children.

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