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Soji ✅ Self-Cleaning and Silver-Infused Bamboo Towel

Pure silver fused with bamboo fibers for the softest, cleanest, most huggable towel ever made

Soji: Self-Cleaning and Silver-Infused Bamboo Towel

Soji is a silver-infused silver-fused bamboo towel that stays clean — all the time. Big, soft, fluffy, and exquisitely snuggable, Soji is the only towel that will make you excited to leave the shower. There’s nothing like wrapping up in a freshly cleaned towel. Now, you can experience that feeling everyday with Soji.

Soji adopts Japanese craftsmanship in its towel to achieve an unbelievably soft and absorbent quality. It makes use of a traditional weaving technique that uses warp and weft threads to create a comfortable level of thickness and smoothness.

Their founders and engineers learned and mastered the art of towel making from the best Japanese manufacturers and artisans, incorporating their techniques and traditions into Soji.

The master craftsmanship and strict criteria in the weaving ensures the finest quality in its towels. The Soji towel is three-dimensionally weaved by looping numerous threads together. This explains the plush and softness you feel when Soji touches your skin.

Soji’s silver infused threads are naturally odor-busting and will maintain a fresh, new-towel smell. Forever.  And it’s not just the pure silver that eliminates the source of these odors. Their Bamboo Fibers are also fast-drying and anti-odor!

Its thermo-control properties make it more breathable, wicking moisture away so you feel fresher for longer.

Soji: Self-Cleaning and Silver-Infused Bamboo Towel

Soji is so luxuriously soft that you’ll want to use it as a blanket. And because it’s always clean, there will be nothing stopping you.

The good news is that their engineers spent months testing hundreds of different towels from 5-star luxury hotels, resorts, as well as expensive and overpriced home goods brands found in Saks Fifth, Bloomingdales, and other boutique luxury retailers before they made the Soji. They took the best elements across all these different towels and incorporated them into the Soji, ensuring that Soji is on par with the best of the best towels in the world, at a fraction of the price.

Soji is completely hypoallergenic. Not only is bamboo naturally hypoallergenic, Soji’s silver infused bamboo fabrics are will naturally keep your head clear and your sinuses open.

Soji: Self-Cleaning and Silver-Infused Bamboo Towel

Soji is committed to sustainable production and to supporting real artisans in the textile industry, their entire manufacturing process is vegan.

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