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SOUNDPEATS H1 | Best Sounding Hybrid Dual-Driver TWS Earbuds

Hybrid dual-driver, Qualcomm® 3040 Bluetooth chip & patented crossover produce HiFi sound on the go, placing you on the stage center.

For those scouting for earbuds capable of delivering the best wireless sound performance at an affordable price, SOUNDPEATS H1 is without doubt the best option, and it’s worth every penny. Where the SOUNDPEATS H1 shines the most is its sound quality, which beats other competitors in nearly every category: highest-performing hybrid dual-driver system, most advanced Bluetooth chipset, adaptive compression algorithm, and professional acoustic tuning, just to name a few. It sounds as good as TWS earbuds two or three times the price, and even rivals wired earbuds.  

 Be prepared to have your ears sharpened, eyes opened, and mind blown by SOUNDPEATS H1’s excellent audio performance. 

Not all earphones are created equal. We make SOUNDPEATS H1 for people who share values with us when defining a pair of GOOD earphones – they need to sound GOOD, with no distortions in the treble and no rattles in the bass, rendering the music in a harmonious fashion that satisfies the soul.

We went to great lengths to deliver the perfect sound to you while keeping them in a reasonable price range. The magic formula of SOUNDPEAT H1 is its unique driver system – a combination of a Knowles balanced armature driver, a customized dynamic driver, and a patented crossover. In addition, they have been tuned by award-winning sound engineers to ensure an unparalleled audio experience. 

You may find it difficult to get a pair of earbuds with decent treble at all volumes, as a disproportionate focus of many earbuds’ production is diverted to the bass response. Deficiency in higher frequencies can lead to so-so quality for podcasts, e-books, voice and video calls. When it comes to turning up the treble for exceptional clarity and realism, there is no better option than the Knowles BA Driver, an industry leader in advanced audio processing solutions and the first choice for professional musicians and audiophiles. It reproduces clear and precise treble that doesn’t extend excessively and penetrate your ears, so more acoustic genres will simply shine on SOUNDPEATS H1. 

 With this technology, SOUNDPEATS H1 provides the most robust and seamless wireless connectivity for a truly immersive, on-the-go listening experience. Only one earbud at a time maintains the Bluetooth connection with the smartphone, while the other one mirrors the connection. In the event that the primary connection is cut off or detected to be weaker than that for the mirroring bud, it will be rapidly and seamlessly swapped from one bud to the other – all without you being aware or having to do a thing. This translates to optimized sound quality free of glitches and dropouts, and a maximized battery life up to 50% longer when compared to the previous generation of TWS earbuds.

 It is also engineered to make your life easier with simultaneous one-click-pairing for both earbuds, as only one device appears when you connect SOUNDPEATS H1 to a smartphone. 

 The second microphone samples the ambient noise, and thanks to the embedded cutting-edge cVc™ 8.0 algorithm, that signal can be effectively canceled out from the original captured by the first microphone. So you can make crystal-clear calls and experience quiet conversations over FaceTime, Google Hangouts and Skype wherever you go.

If you want to get Siri or Google Assistant to complete a task while wearing other earbuds, you’ll have to either tap multiple times or press and hold the button on the earbud to summon them. It can cause so much inconvenience when your hands are occupied with driving, cooking, fitness exercising such as weight lifting and yoga, and countless other activities. Our self-developed virtual assistant has made things so much easier for you. You can simply say “Hi, SOUNDPEATS” to immediately invoke it, completely hands-free.

SOUNDPEATS H1 has an outstanding 40 hours of battery life in total, which is almost 1.4 times longer than Apple AirPods Pro. You get 10 hours of battery in the buds from a single charge plus an extra 40 hours from the case, which means that not only are they convenient for a jog or commute, but are also able to last for a long-haul drive or flight. 

 Don’t panic over a low battery anymore. The charging case can charge the earbuds about 6 times, and can be quickly recharged through either a Type-C cable or a wireless charging pad.

We are the SOUNDPEATS team, a group of music lovers who share a passion for truly great music and an active lifestyle. We are committed to providing our customers with audio products of not just good, not just great, but the absolute peak listening experience.

As a high-end audio product developer, manufacturer, and industry veteran of 10 years, SOUNDPEATS continues to bring headphones that live up to the high quality and reasonable price to customers worldwide. Nowadays, in a market inundated with true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds at all sorts of prices, SOUNDPEATS breaks through and has earned recognition as being among the top sellers in the US, Canada, Japan, and Europe. Our hardcore and successful product lineups, TrueShift, TrueWings, TruEngine, Truebuds, etc. have all been very well received and regarded by our customers. 


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