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STORM 2 | Ultimate EDC PowerBank For Digital Nomads

STORM 2 | Finally! Ultimate EDC PowerBank For Digital Nomads

100W PD In/Out | 27600mAh/99.36Wh | 3.3-25.2V DC Out | 2 USB-C+USB-A+DC | Airline Safe | Compact Battery Bank With See-Through Design

Modern mobile phones are becoming smaller, smarter, and more useful. Nonetheless, battery capacity is not equaling the power demands of gaming, apps, and advanced innovations like 5G. Sadly for customers, this suggests bringing more battery chargers and back-up batteries while on the move.

Low-battery anxiety is genuine and it keeps becoming worse every day!

STORM 2 Ultimate EDC PowerBank For Digital Nomads

The only practical solution is to have a portable good quality fast-charging power bank to dependably power up all the devices you are using every day. It has to be fast, travel light, and fit effortlessly into your way of life!

STORM 2 provides an entirely new charging experience, unlike any other power bank you have seen.

The coolest Cyberpunk design transparent case marks the new period of power banks. The sci-fi display screen provides customers total freedom and charging control. Featuring a flexible DC output, STORM 2 can charge up all your gadgets securely and reliably. It takes care of all your charging needs with 2 USB-C charging ports that can quickly charge most contemporary electronic devices and a USB-A port for mobile phones.

STORM 2 Ultimate EDC PowerBank For Digital Nomads

Adjustable Voltage And Power Control

STORM 2’s on-display power management system visualizes the battery life, charging cycles, output circulation per battery cell, running temperature, and DC voltage modification in a clear, succinct, and user-friendly method, providing you unparalleled control and accessibility to all the information you need. The power is now right at your fingertips.

STORM 2 not just provides the freedom of total control but also complete transparency from the inside-out. The Cyberpunk design translucent layout discloses its innovative circuit board, including the 32-bit M3 ARM MCU chip, and the comparison between chaotic digital parts and the amazing virtual community that it connects.

STORM 2 easily pleases the demands of vacationers and digital nomads with a powerful 27600mAh/ 99.36 Wh capacity. While the majority of power banks on the marketplace suffer from low battery capacity or are too bulky, STORM 2 is a pocket-size bank that has the optimum capacity that still satisfies airline approval. It is small, cost-efficient, as well as the ideal battery station to bring it anywhere with you.

STORM 2 Ultimate EDC PowerBank For Digital Nomads

Flexible DC Output

A specialized 3.3-25.2 V adjustable & customizable DC barrel port output meets all your specific gadget charging needs. STORM 2 is additionally the most effective option when you are outdoors for running electric camp coolers, fans, shower water pumps, projectors, drones, or electric iron.

100W PD Fast-Charging USB Ports For All Devices

Featuring 100W PD Fast-Charging USB Ports suitable with all gadgets equipped with 100W PD fast-charging method, STORM 2 can fast-charge any type of digital gadget anytime & anywhere via both USB Type-C & one USB A ports. Its 8 high-power lithium batteries can charge devices for up to a week.

The Only Charging Tool You Need

STORM 2 supports the fast-charging of 3 gadgets all at once. So you can charge up your DJI drone with the DC port, MacBook Pro & iPhone with two USB-C ports, and your smartwatch at the same time to improve your performance. Take STORM 2 with you and forget other chargers.

STORM 2 Ultimate EDC PowerBank For Digital Nomads

Completely Recharge STORM 2 in Just 1.5 Hrs

A larger battery capacity does not imply a much longer recharging time. With its 100W PD fast-charging DC input, there is no need to stress when your STORM 2 needs to be charged. Just 1.5 hrs suffices to fully charge its 27600mAh/99.36 Wh capacity.

Use It While Charging

The pass-through ability gives individuals more charging convenience. It permits you to charge all your gadgets through the USB-C & USB-A ports while recharging STORM 2.

STORM 2 Ultimate EDC PowerBank For Digital Nomads

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