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SuperBase | The Surprisingly Compact 518Wh Power Station

SuperBase, The Surprisingly Compact 518Wh Power Station

6 Liters, 57% Smaller than Competition | 600W Dual AC Output | 518Wh Capacity | 3.5 Hours Quick Recharge | 9 Outputs | 60W USB-C PD

SuperBase, The Surprisingly Compact 518Wh Power Station

We are growing increasingly dependent on electricity in our daily lives. A natural disaster, accident, or service interruption can leave us in the dark. And it’s not just a threat to our sources of digital entertainment. A power outage could take away our means of communication or leave us without the use of personal medical devices. That’s why backup power solutions have become popular, and even crucial, for a growing number of people in recent years.

With recent advances in rechargeable battery technology, many savvy users are looking at alternatives to the traditional gasoline-powered generator. SuperBase 500 from Zendure is a lightweight, compact, and capable power station with many benefits over gas generators.

A power station is only useful when you have it on hand. Some power stations are so heavy and bulky, that they don’t always make it onto the pack list. SuperBase 500 is small and weighs just 11lbs/5kg, making it an ideal addition to your camping or fishing gear. At about the same size and weight as a housecat (but with less hissing), SuperBase 500 is easy enough for just about anyone to pack and carry. It’s about half the size of some of the larger power stations, so even if you’re just storing it for emergency use, SuperBase 500 can be placed on a high shelf where it will be easier to find and reach when you need it.

SuperBase, The Surprisingly Compact 518Wh Power Station

SuperBase 500 doesn’t skimp on power, despite its small stature. The dual AC outputs can deliver up to 600W of pure sine wave AC power. This means SuperBase 500 can power and charge just about anything, whether it’s a phone or laptop, a small appliance like a mini fridge or coffee maker, or even a CPAP machine. SuperBase 500 is ready to stand and deliver for all of your portable power needs.SuperBase 500 features a variety of output ports and can charge up to 9 devices at the same time. This means you can take SuperBase 500 on the road and leave your bulky proprietary chargers behind. SuperBase 500 is equipped with two DC output ports, two AC outlets, a cigarette lighter port, two USB-C ports, and two USB-A ports. Whatever you’re hoping to charge, SuperBase 500 probably has a port for it.

SuperBase 500 supports USB-C PD at up to 60W to power most Type-C laptops, phones, tablets and other digital devices. The USB-A ports provide up to 18W with QC 3.0 and FCP fast charging protocols for your phone or other mobile devices.

With 518Wh/140,000mAh capacity, SuperBase 500 can supercharge your weekend trip, camping under the stars, hiking the hills or photographing the landscape. Or when an unpredictable power outage happens, SuperBase 500 will be your reliable companion to light up your night and provide a full night’s power to your essential devices. 

SuperBase, The Surprisingly Compact 518Wh Power Station

If you use a CPAP or similar medical device, SuperBase 500 can be used to power your machine during a blackout or when you’re away from home.

SuperBase, The Surprisingly Compact 518Wh Power Station

SuperBase 500 can be recharged in 5 different ways: DC input (with the included AC-to-DC transformer), PD input, car input, solar panel (available separately), and dual-charge input configuration. Dual-charge can charge SuperBase 500 in about 3.5 hours by using the 95W DC input and 60W USB-C PD input simultaneously. 

If going green is your thing, you can charge SuperBase 500 with a 100W external solar panel (available separately). SuperBase 500 supports Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for optimum charging performance. Zendure’s 100W foldable Solar Panel weighs just 8.8lbs/4kg and offers up to 18.6% conversion efficiency, allowing you to fully charge SuperBase 500 in about 11 hours.

MPPT, or Maximum Power Point Tracking, is an algorithm used in charge controllers to extract the maximum available power from solar modules. MPPT ensures that you get the most power possible from your solar panels at any point in time, which is particularly useful in low-light conditions.

The advanced Battery management system (BMS) helps SuperBase 500 manage and monitor the internal battery cells, checking vital statistics 100 times per second. BMS maintains peak performance and prevents overcharging and over-discharging of the battery cells to maximize their lifespan and performance.

SuperBase, The Surprisingly Compact 518Wh Power Station

SuperBase 500 is designed to manage heat without sacrificing performance. Air-flow channels, an active cooling fan system, and a heat-dissipating plate keep the internal components at an ideal operating temperature.

SuperBase 500 is fireproof, anti-shock & well-insulated thanks to its PC+ABS enclosure. To ensure the reliability and safety of the power station, SuperBase 500 features six layers of active protection, detecting overcurrent, overvoltage, overcharging, over-discharging, short-circuits, and unsafe operating temperatures.

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