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SuperTank Pro | The Surprisingly Compact Mobile Power Station

100W USB-C In/Out | 26,800mAh/96Wh | 4 USB-C Ports | 138W Total Output | OLED Display | Charges MacBook Pro 16” | Upgradable Firmware

Today, we carry more smart devices than ever before, and fewer of us are working in a traditional fixed office setting. This raises a real challenge in keeping all of our devices charged while we’re on the move. Every device seems to need its own charger, with power bricks often taking up more space than the devices themselves. The obvious solution would be to use one product to power all of your gadgets.

SuperTank Pro is the Ultimate Mobile Power Solution that allows working professionals to set up a workstation anywhere they need.

With its high powered 100W USB-C port, SuperTank Pro reimagines your charging experience. Charge your power-hungry 16” MacBook Pro at the same speed as the native power brick.  

SuperTank Pro can charge your devices lightning-fast, thanks to 100W max power output from a single USB-C port.

Share power! Maxim 26,800mAh Battery Capacity enables more people to use SuperTank Pro while collaborating.

Explore, untethered. Power your phone for up to a week with a fully-charged SuperTank Pro.

The  26,800mAh capacity enables more usage time than smaller chargers. What’s more, advanced Samsung battery technology ensures peak efficiency for SuperTank Pro.

Charge 4 devices at the same time using SuperTank Pro’s convenient USB-C output ports. SuperTank Pro’s high-powered USB-C ports allow you to configure your work setup with endless creativity!

SuperTank Pro takes the charging experience to a whole new level!

The OLED display on SuperTank Pro gives you real-time information about your power usage and remaining charge, so you can plan ahead and make the best use of your mobile workstation.

SuperTank Pro is the first portable battery that features an advanced TI battery fuel gauge, allowing for adaptive charging and power cell balance.

SuperTank Pro is the first portable battery that features an advanced TI battery fuel gauge, allowing for adaptive charging and power cell balance.

 As a result, the OLED screen can accurately display charging input and output status, letting you take control of your device power levels in real-time.

 Keep your SuperTank Pro compatible with the latest devices just by updating the firmware.

No matter how you choose to charge SuperTank Pro, the USB-C outputs can be used to power and charge other devices at the same time. Talk about convenience!

SuperTank Pro is made of an aluminum alloy which protects the internal components, to keep up with the demands of a mobile workplace. The color, material, and finish are similar to a MacBook.

SuperTank Pro makes the most of its massive capacity and power output through the use of high-quality internal components, with a charging efficiency of up to 85%. Most batteries on the market operate at a lower efficiency, which means they may not charge your devices quite as well as you’d expect. SuperTank Pro can keep a phone charged through seven days of typical usage.

The high-density battery cells pack more energy into less space, and the multi-layer PCB design allows for a compact and convenient form factor, minimizing the size of SuperTank Pro, with no wasted space.  

SuperTank Pro monitors a variety of internal metrics in real-time for safety, efficiency, and device protection.

SuperTank Pro’s power distribution algorithms automatically determine how the power should be distributed. The internal logic is designed to distribute power as needed to a variety of devices, from low power wearables like earbuds and smartwatches, to larger products like a robotic arm.

SuperTank Pro can be recharged in 1 hour and 45 minutes when you use Zendure’s SuperPort S4, a pocket-sized charger capable of up to 100W output.

 Designed with a foldable AC adapter,  SuperPort S4 is easy to pack and carry, fitting in just about any small bag or pocket. SuperPort S4’s compact form is 30% smaller than Apple’s 96W charger and has 4 USB ports instead of just one. 

SuperPort S4 supports mainstream smartphone fast-charge protocols including PD 3.0, QC 3.0, PPS 5A (for Samsung fast charge), AFC (for Samsung fast charge) and SCP/FCP 22.5W (for HUAWEI fast charge).

 SuperPort S4 supports 100-240V AC power and comes with 3 plug converters (AU/EU/UK) so you can use it in over 200 countries worldwide.

SuperTank Pro is compatible with most USB solar panels. Now you have two reasons to enjoy a sunny day!

* Please note that SuperTank Pro should be charged from the solar panel’s USB output using an A-to-C cable, not from a DC-to-USB converter.

Many electric cars and bikes feature charging ports that work especially well with SuperTank Pro, so you can charge on the way to your destination. We found that the USB-C ports on the Tesla Model 3 can charge SuperTank Pro at up to 27W. Surprising, huh? By the way, one more fun fact about SuperTank Pro: you can use it as a power meter to measure the outputs of any USB device.

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