Casamera The Bath Towel | Reimagined

The Bath Towel | Reimagined

Consistently bone-dry every A.M.

After launching the first variation of their towels on Kickstarter nearly 3 years earlier, their faithful backers returned to them with comments on what they’d like to see in the future.

Well, the future is now and they’ve adapted and improved every single detail. The Casamera Towel is your updated shower time friend that dries as its life depended on it.

The Bath Towel | Reimagined
  • The next best thing to nude, think waffle-weave only PLUSH!
  • Absorbs water – It doesn’t just press it around.
  • The unique, tasty appearance really feels good exfoliating on your skin.
  • 100% plastic and chemical-free!
  • Garment washed like those luxury apparel brands.
  • Clean at 60° worry-free (bye-bye germs).
  • Really feels bone-dry after a short amount of time.
The Bath Towel | Reimagined

A good towel means a dry towel. What makes Casamera damn good at soaking up wetness is the deep honeycomb-like pockets. This amazing texture offers it more surface and provides the air to filter through, helping it to dry quicker. It seems like a relaxing bear hug from a waffle.

No person is more crucial to them than their backers from day one. Take pleasure in hassle-free exchanges, returns, and whatever your heart needs.

The Bath Towel | Reimagined

Every step of the production utilizes sustainable procedures and eco-friendly components from taking care of wastewater to packaging, guaranteeing we have tidy earth to reside on!

Made entirely of ingredients you can rely on, with none of the disgusting stuff. Completely plant-based, 0 plastic product packaging, 100% of the excellent stuff.

Completely getting rid of the need for plastic in their product packaging, the self-bag will certainly keep your towels tidy and sanitary while making their way to your house. This bag is entirely reusable, cleanable, as well as travel-friendly.

The Bath Towel | Reimagined

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